Will A Better Racquet Make You A Better Tennis Player?

Are you struggling to decide whether a better racquet will improve your game?

This is a common question among tennis players who are looking at all the possible areas to improve on. The fact that you’re here means you’re willing to learn the smaller details that could give you that slight edge over your opponent.

There are many factors involving a racquet that determine how good or bad it is. So, let’s take a look at the main features to look out for before deciding whether using a better racquet automatically makes you a better player.


The heavier a racquet is, the less power you’re going to need to generate with your arm. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should go out and find the heaviest racquet possible.

You need to find one that’s heavy enough, but not too heavy. Otherwise, you risk being unable to maneuver it and make contact with the ball properly.

This may take some trial and error until you find that sweet spot between your arm strength and the weight of a racquet.

Weight Distribution

The most powerful racquet frame available is known as head-heavy. This is because the handle is lighter and the head is heavier.

A more balanced racquet will have its weight evenly distributed across the handle, throat, and head.

Finally, headlight racquet will pack most of its weight in the handle and the least at the head.

Understanding how the weight distribution in different areas of a racquet can affect the amount of power you can generate is crucial.

Just because a head-heavy racquet produces the most power, it may not feel as comfortable for you to swing. Therefore, you won’t be benefitting from the power. Instead, a more balanced or headlight racquet may be best.

Considering your swing-weight abilities is vital in choosing the best racquet. If it feels too heavy at one end to swing, the movement won’t be natural, and you’ll struggle to pull off shots that you’re capable of.

Does a “Better” Racquet Improve Your Abilities?

Deciding on the best racquet is an impossible factor to recommend to everyone as a whole. As you’ve seen from the features above, there are certain aspects that will suit some players better than others.

So, the question: – Will a better racquet make you a better player? – isn’t so much concerned with being better or worse. It’s about identifying your abilities as a tennis player first and finding a racquet that suits your individual needs best.

Therefore, picking the correct racquet can absolutely make you a better player. The right racquet plays to your strengths and allows you to play and develop your skills further.

Along the way, you may need to change racquets as you progress and develop as a player. The best racquet will depend on where you currently are in term of your playing skills.

Choosing a Racquet Based on Skill Level

If you’re a beginner, you’ll find that the racquets are cheaper compared to the intermediate level options. The advanced player racquets are where it can get quite pricey.

For a beginner, you can pick up a suitable racquet for anywhere between $30 and $60. Intermediate players will be looking to pay around $200 for a racquet that suits their needs best. Racquets for advanced tennis players can range anywhere between $250 and $400.

Make sure to max out your use of a racquet before moving onto the next, higher level one. There may be multiple stages throughout being a beginner, intermediate, and advanced player.

It’s common to progress at a faster pace during the beginner phase. When you reach intermediate status, you may find that making progress takes a little longer. Therefore, using multiple racquets to help push yourself that little bit further is something to consider.

Once you’re advanced, the speed of progress is slowed down even further. This is the stage where a high-quality racquet can have a larger impact on your game.

Final Thoughts

So, as you increase your skills, you’ll also need to increase your budget. Simply choosing the most expensive options in each category may not necessarily be the best decision.

Be sure to consider your playing skills first. This makes it a lot easier to determine the right racquet for you.

It’s important not to be completely focused on picking out the best possible racquet in hopes that it will improve your abilities. Choosing the one with the right features that work with your playing style is far more beneficial.

Focus on your abilities as a player first. How a racquet can enhance your skills should come as a close second, and once you have improved your skills then check out this designated page on tennis rackets.

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