UV Protection For Outdoor Sports

It’s great to be able to spend time in the great outdoors. Whether you have a favorite sport that you play or you participate in a runners’ group, it’s nice to get fresh air and have an active lifestyle. Something that is important to realize is that as much as our bodies need vitamin D and the sun, it’s not good to be outside without the proper UV protection.

While wearing sunscreen on your face is a definite must and you probably already do this, you need to make sure that you use it all over the exposed skin on your body. Skin cancer is a real thing and unfortunately, the sun doesn’t do much to help.

But there are other things that you should consider in order to really protect yourself from UV damage.

What To Do About The Sun?

Apart from wearing the proper sunscreen for your skin and needs, you will want to pay attention to other items that can help you to take your skin protection a step further. To help you have an idea of what you should possibly invest in, take a look at our favorite ideas for keeping your skin safe when playing your favorite sports:


The first step in keeping yourself safe from the sun is to invest in a good pair of sunglasses. Keep in mind that you’ll be wearing these sunglasses in a sport or exercise routine, so make sure that you look for several important features.

For example, look for sunglasses that are designed to last. You want to invest in a pair that have strong lenses that not only provide you with powerful protection but that also stand up to a lot of use. Besides this, also look for ones that fit you perfectly and invest in a strap to keep them on your face. Also consider if you need a prescription for your sunglasses.

If you can’t wear contact lenses and have poor eyesight, you may need a special pair of sunglasses for participating in your favorite sport. After all, it won’t do anyone good if you can’t see where the basket or goal is. For some great recommendations check out this detailed product page.


If you’re a runner, you may want to consider wearing a hat the next time that you go running. Better yet, invest in hats that actually have UV protection features in them. While sunglasses are great for protecting your eyes, you want to keep your safe from the sun as well.

One of the biggest causes of wrinkles and other aging effects is due to sun exposure, so if you’re all about looking young for years to come, wear a hat the next time that you go out to exercise. While you may not be allowed to wear a hat in a competitive game, if you’re just playing with your buddies at the park, a hat should be just fine.

Active Wear With Sun Protection

If you really want to be sure to keep yourself safe from sun exposure, you can invest in active wear designed with UPF 50+. From pants to shirts, shorts, and tank tops, there are several different options for clothing with sun protection.

If you have an outfit that you have to wear for your sport, you can always invest in the protective clothing before getting the logo put on, etc.

Swim Suits With UV Protection

Whether you’re a triathlete or you play beach volleyball, you can take your sun protection a step further and invest in swimsuits with UV protective features. If you’re a surfer, there are special tops made to keep your upper body safe from the sun and they can be highly helpful for people who are always out on the waves on a daily basis.

The Right Kind Of Sunscreen

Many people will simply pick up the sunscreen they find in a checkout line at the grocery store. While that’s good for a moment, you want to reconsider your sun protection needs. For example, do you happen to have melasma?

Are you noticing sun spots on your face or body? If so, you may need to invest in a better type of sunscreen for your needs. Consider investing in one with Zinc, or at least one that offers higher levels of sun protection.


As long as you can, you should always enjoy being outdoors. It’s great for your health, your mood, and exercise and sports can be helpful for your body. Yet, always make sure that you are aware of the sun’s effects and are doing your part to prevent sun damage.

From getting sun damage on your face to more serious issues of skin cancer, too much sun can be bad for you. But, fortunately, when you invest in the right type of products, you can still enjoy your favorite activities without having to worry about whether or not the sun is wreaking havoc on you. As long as you are taking care to keep your skin safe and protected, you should be just fine.

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