Tennis Training Gadgets That Will Improve Your Game

There are many ways that you can improve your skill in tennis. Whether you hope to play professionally some day or you simply like to be the best you can be while playing with friends, getting better is a matter of practice and determination.

Practicing with a friend is always ideal when you want to perfect some skills. But, what do you do when your friends are busy and you have time to do some tennis training? Or what about highly repetitive training that would become very boring for a partner?

It may seem challenging to practice your swing, spin control and stance on your own.

But fortunately, there are some great tennis training gadgets that can help you train alone, improve your skill, and enhance your efforts. Take a look at my favorite ones that I constantly use myself and recommend to my students as well.

Top Tennis Gadgets

Some of these gadgets are best for advanced players while others are great for beginners, so make sure you keep your skill level in mind:

  • Tennis ball machine: You don’t have a friend to play with? No problem. This is where a tennis ball machine can come in handy. Many tennis ball machines allow you to change settings so you can practice all kinds of different techniques and swings with your racquet.
    You can even speed up the ball feeding or slow it down, to help you improve your reflexes and skill. Machines with more advanced features can completely mimic the kind of hits that you could expect from an opponent, making them a great way to practice “with a friend” without actually practicing with a friend (more info).
  • Ball stand: If you’re just beginning to practice tennis, a ball stand can be very helpful for you. It allows you to get used to what body position feels right for you, helps you to learn how to get a clean strike, and is ideal for you to practice your balance in tennis.
    While you may want to advance to other types of machines as you improve, this gadget is your first step in learning how to use and move your body for the best results in your tennis game.
  • A tennis sensor: One important thing to help you improve your skill in tennis is to understand how you’re playing. This is where a tennis sensor comes in handy. It tracks your movement, swings, and hits, so that you can see the areas where you need to improve, understand how to go about it, and spend time practicing new techniques.
    You simply place it on the bottom of your racquet and track your progress on an app. Because it’s charting your performance, you can more easily understand how to get better. It’s ideal for anyone who is hoping to improve their skill, whether they are a beginner or advanced player.
  • A smart watch designed for tennis: Similar to the tennis sensor, a tennis smart watch can help you perfect your technique. Depending on the watch that you choose, you can improve anything from footwork to your elbow position or even how you position your body for a swing.
    It’s easy to wear and doesn’t change anything on your racquet, making it a favorite gadget for many.
  • An air suspension machine: Similar to a tennis ball machine, the air suspension machine is also ideal for training your swings and hits. It’s more commonly used by beginners, whereas a more advanced machine offers more challenges that advanced players need.
    It simply suspends the ball into the air one at a time in a way that mimics the ball’s motion in a game. This allows you to understand where you should be and how you should hit in a real game.
  • Bionic gloves: This gadget is very helpful for those who sweat a lot during their tennis game. Because sweat is no friend to a tennis player, this type of glove will help you to keep a good grip on your racquet, no matter what.
    If you tend to get blisters from playing, they can also help you to avoid them. As an added plus, they can also keep you warm during the winter months.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re new at tennis or have been playing for years, practice is always a good idea. Whether you practice with friends or a coach or want to improve your skill on your own, the above gadgets are all ideal for any one who loves playing tennis.

Which one do you like best? Have you used any of them before? We’d love to discover how these gadgets have helped improve your game. If you want to improve your game and play more comfortably, these gadgets are perfect options for you.

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