Sports Shoes: Beware of Fashion Over Function

As you search for a new pair of shoes, you may be looking at some great, stylish new kicks you’ve seen. They look trendy, they are exactly the style that you love, and they just happen to be one of your favorite name brands.

Before you click buy on these shoes, you may want to consider a few things. What are you buying them for? Do you happen to have any type of foot condition? What is the most important thing that you need to look for when buying your new pair of tennis shoes?

Much of the time, many big brands have already won consumers’ attention through their amazing marketing campaigns or the fact that the brand is considered to be trendy. If you take a closer look at the shoe and what it promises, is it really functional for what you need it for?

Our Tips For Avoiding Fashion Over Funciton

While there may be some cases when it doesn’t matter what it’s designed for, such as when you need a shoe for walking or traveling. In other instances, function is really all that matters. Following are some examples of when it’s best that you pay attention to function over fashion:

Do You Have Some Type Of Foot Condition?

For example, plantar fasciitis can be very painful for you if you’re a runner who isn’t wearing the right type of shoes. One Christmas I was gifted a beautiful pair of Skechers “blessed” with comfortable memory foam soles.
Because I did not educate myself on running shoes, I went ahead and started using them to reach my New Years resolutions of losing weight. Instead, I ended up with serious pain every time that I would go running, thanks to plantar fasciitis.
I got smart and ended up buying a great shoe that was meant to be used for running and to this day, I can still use them. You could end up causing lifelong damage if you’re not careful with the kind of shoe that you wear for your active lifestyle.

Are You Going To Run A Marathon?

While you may be able to get away with running short distances in any kind of shoes (although it’s best not to), you don’t want to risk it when running marathons. The long distance can end up becoming very painful when you have the wrong pair of shoes on.
While your favorite Nikes or Reeboks may look amazing and suit your outfit, you’re going to seriously consider how safe they are to run a marathon in. If there were ever a running shoe that you need to take time to buy, it would be the shoes that you are going to wear for a marathon.

Are You A Triathlon Athlete?

Even more than a marathon, a triathlon demands comfort and protection for the race. Plus, it’s not only about how your feet will feel afterwards. Your shoes’ functionality can help you to win the race.
Just imagine how getting blisters or painful heels can affect your running during the running portion of the triathlon. Beyond comfort and performance, you also need to think about other things, like how fast you can take them off and what the weather will be like.

Do You Play A Specific Kind Of Sport?

If you play basketball, volleyball, soccer, or really almost any kind of sport, you’re going to need to take extra care when choosing function over fashion. There are companies that promise great shoes for these sports but when you take a closer look at their features, you may discover that they aren’t at all suitable for your sport.
For example, if you’re a basketball player, you need shoes with great ankle support as well as excellent support, both on the soles of your feet and laterally. Because of the high demands of the sport, you need shoes that can hold up with the transitions and that will also provide you with a good grip on the court. What about tennis? You need a shoe that is going to promise you the traction for the kind of court that you’re playing on.


We all have favorite shoe brands but just because we love how a shoe looks or how stylish a shoe may be, it may not always be the best shoe for what you need it for. When in doubt, always go for the shoe that promises function over looks.

If you must have a shoe that is fashionable, take your time to find one that does offer you both function and fashion. It’s not impossible. Just be careful that you don’t get pulled in the false assumption that if a shoe says, “For Running” that it automatically is a great shoe for running. Do your research and buy the shoe that promises you the functionality that you need.

And especially when it comes to tennis you have to be careful because people tend to wear this type of footwear just for walking and comfort. You can find more detailed information by clicking here.

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