Snorkeling In Bermuda: An Experience You Simply Can’t Beat

Snorkeling is always fun, but certain locations just make for an even more special experience.

It’s the perfect alternative to having to learn how to dive with heavy gear or go through the challenge of training for freediving. It allows you to relax and enjoy seeing the underwater world without having to worry about getting certified as a diver.

There are many wonderful places to go snorkeling, from Australia to Mexico, but there is nowhere as amazing as Bermuda—at least in my opinion. The following reasons are just a few ways that Bermuda takes the cake when it comes to snorkeling:

  • There are several shipwrecks to admire. While most coveted vacation places have shipwrecks for divers to explore, not many have shipwrecks that can be seen in shallow waters. Bermuda is different, so if you’re hoping to snorkel to see shipwrecks here, you’re in luck. The Western Blue Cat area is a good spot to get you started. You’ll be able to observe three different shipwrecks there and with perfect visibility, it’s an amazing experience for snorkelers.
  • The waters are clear and beautiful. Snorkeling can be fun anywhere, but what could be better than snorkeling where you can see everything perfectly? Imagine swimming above an abundance of fish and underwater creatures and being able to see many meters down? It’s fascinating and Bermuda waters will provide you with this kind of rewarding snorkeling experience.
  • The water temperature is easy to swim in during the warmer months. Winter months may see cold waters that demand the use of a wet suit but when the weather is warm, you can swim freely and comfortably. If you’re planning to go in the spring or summer, you’ll be able to enjoy the warm water temperatures for hours on end.
  • You can admire coral reefs in the area. What makes snorkeling a lot of fun is what you can see under the water, so Bermuda is certainly captivating with it’s coral reefs that allow you to admire the abundance of life and color underneath it’s waters. Sea Garden is a good place to start, where you can enjoy the barrier reefs and all kinds of fish species.
  • There is an abundance of beautiful fish and marine life to observe. Do you have a favorite type of fish? In Bermuda, you can find all kinds of underwater creatures, ranging from parrot fish to moray eels, urchins, and even octopus.
  • It’s easy to choose from many different beaches for a fun experience. You can choose from a different beach every day when you visit Bermuda. From Tobacco Bay Beach to Church Bay, Warwick Long Bay, and Elbow Beach, there is no shortage of destinations for snorkeling in Bermuda.


Tips For a Successful Snorkeling Experience

When you plan for your trip to Bermuda, you’ll want to consider what kind of clothing and gear to bring. While you could rent gear upon arrival, there is something nice about having your own gear that you know is top-quality, clean, and reliable.

To help you plan what you need to purchase before arriving, here are some ideas for great snorkeling equipment:

  • Snorkeling fins-The thing about snorkeling is that the animals that you want to see are going to swim quite fast. Just imagine being rewarded with a beautiful manta ray to admire, but you can’t keep up. Snorkeling fins can ensure that you swim as fast as needed should the moment arise that you want to keep up with the beautiful underwater creatures. It also helps you to avoid exerting too much energy swimming, so you can stay in the water longer.
    We have a dedicated page for snorkel fins for all budgets.
  • Snorkeling mask and snorkel with anti-splash ends-Obviously one of the most important pieces to your gear, a mask will ensure that you actually get to enjoy the snorkeling experience. Make sure to find a mask or goggles that fits you perfectly and that is easy to adjust. A snorkel that keeps water out is a must, as well.
  • Wet suit-You’ll only need this if you’re visiting in the winter months. A wet suit is a must if you do go when it’s cold, as you need to protect yourself from the icy temperatures. If not, just bring your most comfortable swimming suit.

Final Thoughts

Bermuda is truly a paradise and an excellent destination for your snorkeling vacation. Pack up your gear and enjoy the crystalline waters found in this beautiful location!

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