Running Tips For Summer Months

Summer is always a favorite time for those who enjoy being outside. The warm days and the sunny weather make it a much more pleasurable experience than spending time outside in the winter. If you’re an athlete, summer is when you really get to play.

If you’re a runner, you may take advantage of clear days during the summer to make progress in your performance goals. However, sunshine and heat can cause quite a bit of a challenge to your training.

Summer Training Tips

Some people wonder if they can keep up with their favorite exercises when the weather gets hot. The good news is that you can run comfortably and effectively in the summer. We have some great tips to help you get the most out of the summer months. Take a look:

  • Wear sunglasses. Too much sun is not good for your eyes, so if you are choosing to run when the sun is high, wear sunglasses. There are designs that are meant to stay on and provide you with a comfortable fit while you run.

    While you may need to adjust to wearing them, rest assured that you are making a wise decision for the health and safety of your eyes. They can also protect you from getting dust or particles in your eyes, as well as any flying pebbles if you’re running near the road. Click here for some recommendations.

  • Use the proper active wear. Your active wear in the winter may not work so well for your running in the summer. You want to minimize the heat from your clothes and make sure that they’re cool and breathable. It’s important to wear moisture-wicking wear, so that you don’t end your run drenched in sweat.

    From shorts and sleeveless shirts to material that is cool and lightweight, you’ll want to wear as little as possible. In some cases, you can even run topless or with a sports bra on, depending on how comfortable you feel.

  • Make sure to wear sunblock. Always, always, always wear sunscreen—especially on your face. Sunblock will keep you safe from nasty sunburns and also help to prevent aging.

    Summer is when the sun’s rays are most powerful and they can wreak havoc on that beautiful face of yours. Stay gorgeous and handsome with sunscreen.

  • Go running in the early morning or in the evening. If you want to avoid heat stroke or running when it’s too hot, consider scheduling your run for the early morning before the sun comes out in all of it’s glory or choose to run in the evening when the weather is starting to cool down.

    Avoid running between 12-4, as this is typically when the sun is at its strongest and when you may be at risk for heat stroke. If you work a typical 9-5 work day, these hours are usually when you have free time for exercising and running.

  • Stay hydrated. To avoid the dangers associated with running in the summer, you must always stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is of utmost importance and makes a difference. If you can run with a waistband that include bottle holders, do so.

    Drinking water every now and then while on a long run can save you from dehydration. If you don’t like wearing things on your body while running, make sure to have a nice fresh bottle waiting for you as soon as you’re done.

    If you do only one thing for your summer running routine, make it your hydration. Always be sure to drink enough water during the summer.

  • Run slower than you normally would. During the summer, run slower than in the fall or spring. It’s not the best season for trying to train for races or marathons and overexerting yourself in the heat is never a good idea. The good news is that thanks to the warm weather, you’ll find yourself sweating more and potentially burning more calories.

  • Start off slow. Don’t force running too far the first few days of the summer. Start running short distances at the beginning, especially if you’re starting up running. You don’t want to push too much in the heat as it can completely wipe you out and burn you out before you even get going with your summer running routine.

Final Thoughts

Running is always fun if you’re a runner. Being able to run without huge jackets on or ear muffs is definitely a positive. Yet, summer also means warm weather and potential dangers and discomfort. The above tips should help you avoid getting in trouble and help you to enjoy a relaxed running experience.

As long as you are prepared with the proper gear, like sunglasses, moisture wicking active wear, and breathable tennis shoes, as well as water, you should be perfectly fine. Are you ready to enjoy running in the summer?

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