Official Ping Pong Table Dimensions and Restrictions

As you begin to take ping pong seriously, learning about the restrictions and rules of the game, you’ll also want to consider the size of your table. While you may have been fine with just any table in the past, it’s very important that you play and practice on one that follows the official dimensions.

Using the game-standard size is key to helping you become a player that can compete in league events and competitions.


Learn What To Look For

Because the rules are quite specific, you’re going to want to make sure to look for the right features in any ping pong table that you may want to buy.

While any old table will do for your basement playing, it’s best to use the “real thing” if you’re hoping to practice to become a professional competitor in the world of table tennis. To help you in your search, the following are the dimensions and restrictions that the IFTT dictates following official table dimensions:

  • The table needs to be 2.74m long and 1.525m wide rectangular shape.
  • You’ll need to check that the table is 76cm above the ground and it should also be completely level.
  • There is no specific material that has to be used but you will need to make sure that the bounce is at least a 23 cm bounce, when dropped from a height of 30 cm. Yes, it’s going to be a challenge to measure this on your own, so instead, try to find a table that is made from a material that promises this.
  • It needs to be a dark color and have a 2cm white line painted all around the edge of the table.
  • You’ll need to make sure that the net that you use runs (in a horizontal line) across the 1.525m of the table exactly in the middle. Because the table is 2.74m long, you’ll need to ensure that both sides are equally divided.
  • When looking for the net-if looking separately-you’ll need to make sure that the top of it is 15.25cm above the surface of the table.


Look Out For Official Labels

When looking for a table, you could try to remember all these details and keep them in mind, but you could also keep an eye out for words that indicate that it can be used professionally.

For example, if it says that it can be used for tournaments or competitions, it could very well fit into the IFTT standards and may work fine for you. Even better, you should search for an option that says that it “meets IFTT standards” as that will take the guess work out of your ping pong table shopping—although you may always want to double check.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t too hard to find a ping pong table that meets the IFTT restrictions and dimensions, but take your time and do your research to make sure that you find one that helps you to become a star player. If you practice on the real thing, it will be that much easier to play in competitions.

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