How To Kick A Soccer Ball With Power

If you love soccer like I do, you’re probably looking for ways to improve your skill, all the time. Again, if you’re like me, perhaps you excelled in the areas of midfield and play setups, as well as hardcore defense but when it came to kicking powerful goals or passing to your teammates up the field, well, maybe you were lacking.

I know what it’s like. If you’re like me, you probably don’t want to stay there. You’re going to want to improve your skill and learn how to kick that soccer ball with all the power that you can muster—and the good news is that you can.

To help you become the player you know that you can be, here are some tips on how you can start kicking the ball with more power and make those passes and goals you couldn’t before.

Position Your Body

Just like any game that requires aim and power, your body position is important. From the way a golfer stands to swing to the batter in baseball preparing to swing, body position is key in being able to succeed in any given sport.

In soccer, you’re going to want to lock your ankle, position your toe down, and plant your foot at the target. Your legs aren’t the only part of the body that you need to focus on either.

Make sure that your shoulders are facing the target as well. Your chest should be over the ball when you’re going to shoot, with thigh back. Getting your thigh back when preparing to kick with power is very important.

Focus On Your Power

A lot of times when people want to kick with power, they’ll try to swing their whole body into producing power. Or, some people think that all the power has to come from their calf muscle, where you’re kicking from. The truth is that the thigh-back move mentioned above is very helpful in providing power as that is where you can get the most power from.

Focus On How You’re Shooting

When you’re so focused on the goal and goalie, you’re less focused on your positioning and power. Stop focusing on where you’re shooting but more on how you’re shooting. This will not only help you to be present and use the right techniques, but it also portrays confidence. The more confident you feel, the better result you’re going to get.

Ask Your Trainer To Check Your Body Position

If you have a coach for the team you play with or even just an experienced teammate, you can ask them for pointers during your games. Ask them to watch the way that you kick and how you shoot goals. I used to have a lot of issues with how I pointed my feet when attempting to shoot. I usually flicked the ball with the area of my laces while twisting my ankle upwards. It felt natural for shooting with power, but all I ended up doing was kicking the ball way above the goal post. That’s not what you want to do.


Toe locked down, power in your thigh, getting your thigh back and shooting with your laces will help you to achieve more power in your shot. Whether you want to pass the ball far up to a teammate or you want to shoot a goal with as much power as you can muster, these tips will help you to get there.

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