How to Kick A Soccer Ball High and Far

Oh the art of playing soccer. It’s one thing to kick a ball around and it’s another thing to learn the techniques behind kicking the ball for the perfect results. Sometimes, you have to kick it softly at an angle for a quick pass.

At other times, you’ll want to kick it hard and with as much power as possible, while other times you’ll want to make sure that your foot is positioned just right with your leg. Sometimes you’ll need to kick a ball high and far, but if you don’t know how exactly to do that, it can be a challenge.

Not everyone is a born Ronaldo.

How to Kick Far and High

If you’re playing on a field, there will be times when you will want to kick the ball high and far to teammates that are near the goal. How do you get the ball as high and far as you need to? It takes time and practice but it is easier than you think. Follow these following steps and you should be that much closer to kicking the perfect passes:

  • Get behind the ball and position yourself to the side.
  • Make sure that you are facing towards the area that you want the ball to go. This is actually a pro tip: wherever you’re facing your shoulders is where the ball will go. So, if you’re shoulders are facing the right side of the field, but you want to kick to the left, well, you know where to turn those shoulders.
  • Make sure that the foot that will be stationary is about a step or two away from the ball, so that you’re in the best position for kicking with power. Too close and you won’t be able to get that extra “oomph” you need for a powerful kick.
  • Turn your foot that you will kick with to the side, and as you go in for the kick, position it downwards and make contact just right below the big toe.
  • As you strike the ball, you’ll want to hit it right at the bottom, but not underneath it. If you kick it underneath it, you will get air, but you’ll be kicking it in close proximity and not far. There isn’t much you’ll want to do with a ball that goes high and near with that much power, so make sure that you’re kicking it right at the bottom, which will give the shot the height you want but also the distance that you want.
  • Swing your foot low and follow through at a low angle. If you try to kick with your thigh up high or follow through at a high angle, then you’re going to put more power in the ground than anything, or you’ll be directing the ball in front of you not above and far where you want it to be.
  • Make sure your body is not right over the ball and that you’re not hunched when following through. Keep your body elongated during your kick.


It can be easy to learn some of the best moves in soccer by getting out on the field. But, if you can better understand how certain positioning of your body can allow you to reach the goals that you have when playing soccer, you can better improve your skill in soccer.

Being able to kick high and far will help you to get the ball where you want it to across the field. If you see a free teammate, you can make sure they get the ball fast enough to make a goal before they’re covered, even if you’re all the way down the field.

It’s not about the ball, but about technique, so make sure you work on that rather than spend a fortune on new gear.

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