Foods For Muscle Growth: What to Eat

Are you hoping to put on some muscle and get some serious gains from your workout at the gym? Have you been pressing the medal to the pedal and giving your workouts all that you’ve got? Good. But, unfortunately, that may not be enough for you? 

If you’ve been going hard at the gym and you haven’t seen too many results, you could be frustrated. The good news is that there are easy solutions. What are you eating? There are foods that can help you to gain muscle much more quickly and effectively. 

If your goal is to gain lean muscle mass, here are 8 foods that can make that happen for you. You can avoid gaining fat but gain the mass you’ve been hoping for.

8 Foods That Will Enhance Muscle Growth

1. Skinless chicken

The skin on the chicken is fatty, so avoid that if you’re hoping to build lean muscle. Otherwise, skinless chicken is a low-fat source of protein (1) that is full of nutrients. From vitamins like b-12 to iron and zinc, chicken could be a very important addition to your diet that your body is begging you for. Just be careful how you prepare it. Fried chicken is a big no-no for your diet, but a delectably grilled filet can be exactly what you need in your diet. 

2. Whey protein

Look for a low-calorie option to supplement protein in your diet. It’s easy for your body to digest and can also help with your muscle recovery after your workouts. If you’ve been hoping to get some gains in the gym but find that your protein intake isn’t like it should be, a whey protein could be the exact answer to your problems. Just be careful about the kind you buy, and you’re good to go. 

3. Lean beef (grass-fed)

Grass-fed beef is best for your body (2). You avoid unhealthy substances, and you’ll be feeding your body a healthy protein. Lean beef is just as delicious as a fatty steak, except you’re avoiding the fat that you can gain from eating it. You’ll still be enjoying meat if that’s what you love, but you’ll be healthier and leaner. It may be pricier, but this is one time that the cost is worth it. 

4. Light tuna

Fish has always been a good idea for those on a diet. It’s a low-fat protein source, and it’s easy to eat. It’s full of all kinds of vitamins and is one of the healthiest sources of protein out there. You don’t need to buy canned tuna with oil in it when hoping to build muscle. Instead, go for the options with water or, better yet, simply cook fresh tuna when you are hoping to enjoy what you eat. 

5. Lentils

Full of fiber and low-fat nutrients, lentils are a great option for your muscle growth diet (3). They aren’t going to make you put on the weight, but they are an excellent source of protein. Because they have dietary fiber in them, you won’t need to eat too much of them to feel full, which is always a good thing for those avoiding weight gain while building lean muscle.

They are also very easy to make and can be prepared in a variety of ways, including for use with salads. You can flavor them almost any way that you want to and enjoy them for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. At least, that’s what I’ve done in the past. 

6.Fat-free dairy products

Dairy products can be a no-no if you don’t do it right. Also, if you have lactose intolerance, you may want to stay away from them. If you’re all about dairy, then look for fat-free options to add to your diet.

Cottage cheese or Greek yogurt are favorite dairy options for those who don’t want to gain weight. In fact, Greek yogurt is very good for you, so if you can find a fat-free option, even better. 

7. Egg whites

Did you know that the yolks of eggs are high in fat and cholesterol? We don’t think you should avoid eating eggs, but if you’re concerned about unhealthy weight gain and want to build lean muscle, make your omelets with the egg whites instead of the full egg. 

8. Quinoa

Quinoa isn’t something that everyone knew about just a few years ago, but in the past years, it’s taken the world of fitness by storm. Quinoa is the perfect plant-based source of protein that vegetarians dream of.

Why? Because it’s a great source of protein that is low-fat and full of nutrients. If you’re looking for healthy proteins for your muscle-building diet, rest assured that quinoa is certainly something that you want to add to your diet. The best part: it’s full of fiber, so you feel full when you eat it and will help you avoid overeating. 

Protein Is Ideal For Muscle Growth

Muscles Growth

Are you hoping to build some muscle? If you are prone to weight gain, you’ll need to be careful about how you’re feeding your body. You’ll also want to make sure that you are providing it with the power it needs to gain strength and growth in your muscles. 

As you see in the list above, protein is a very important food to eat when you hope to gain lean muscle mass. It’s exactly what your body demands when you are hoping to see some results. But, you shouldn’t eat just any protein when working out at the gym.

Healthy, low-fat protein is what you should be eating. Not only will you be avoiding unhealthy side effects of fatty meat, but you’ll also be providing your body with plenty of nutrients apart from low-carb protein.

And if your problem is getting enough food into your body, then check out this page about some mass gainers that we’ve tested.

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