Top Ten Best Weighted Vest Reviews: Improved Fitness For All Fitness Levels

As a runner or athlete, you are constantly looking for ways to up your game. From training regularly to investing in the best gear, you do what you can to achieve more and be better. While running without props is perfectly fine for most people, some may want to take their agility and strength a step further.

A fitness tool that has proven to be extremely effective if you want to enhance your workout, is a weighted workout vest. It can help to enhance your speed if you are training for a race or even strengthen your bones and muscles.

Not everyone should run with a one of these, but they are also highly beneficial for walking and other types of workouts.

It’s important that you understand how to use the vest and which kind would work best for you. You could injure yourself if you use one with too much weight or feels uncomfortable, if you use one that is too big or too small for you.

The weighted vests reviews below will help to give you an idea of what is available on the market and what to look for. Not everyone should or wants to use a weighted vest for training, but if you do, the following information will help you make a great choice on the right one.

Our Top 10 Best Weighted Vest Recommendations

After endless hours of researching these products and checking up on thousands of customer reviews we have managed to come up with this list of the most suitable options for athletes of all fitness levels.

#1 - RUNFast/Max 12lbs-140lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest
Fits Most People
  • It’s designed to allow movement.
  • It is made to last with durable materials.
  • The fit can be adjusted.
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Tone Fitness 12 Pounds
Non-Constricting Weighted Vest
  • It is ideal for use in warm months.
  • It has a soft feel to it.
  • The reflective stripes help to keep you safe at night.
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Empower Weighted Vest for Women
Stylish, Balanced Design For Women
  • The adjustable straps help users to get the perfect fit.
  • It has shoulder pads.
  • It has an attractive design.
4.0 stars out of 5

1. RUNFast/Max 12lbs-140lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest: Fits Most People

If you’re going to be wearing a vest, you might as well make it your water carrier as well. The RUNFast can hold various weights of up to 140lbs and even includes some. It also has a pocket where you can fit a water bottle, if need be.

As a one-size-fits-most, the RUNFast is designed to fit almost any user. It’s also adjustable, so you can easily fix it to fit your size. Its unique design makes it easy to move, whether you want to lift weights or don’t want to feel constricted.

Made from rip-stop nylon, you can trust that it will hold up to weight and last for quite a while. It is also easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about it looking shoddy after use.

The pockets for weights are placed both on the front and back of the vest, so that it’s balanced and won’t throw off your efforts. While the vest does have a placement for pads, it doesn’t include them, so don’t forget to look for some, as well.


  • It’s designed to allow movement, so you can use it for a variety of activities
  • It is made to last with durable materials, so you won’t need to replace it too soon
  • The fit can be adjusted, so you can be sure to feel comfortable while wearing it
  • It has weight pockets on both the front and back, so you can be sure to balance out weight
  • It can hold quite a bit of weight, which is great for those who want to go all out with their training


  • It doesn’t include the shoulder pads, which means you’ll have to pay more for optimal comfort
  • It bounces a bit while in use, so it may be irritating for runners to use

2. Tone Fitness 12 Pounds: Non-Constricting Weighted Vest

If you don’t want to wear something that makes you feel like a member of your police department’s SWAT team, this vest may do just fine. While it is a weighted exercise vest that you can depend on, it is ideal for warm days, thanks to its open design.

Made from neoprene material, the Tone Fitness is soft to wear, making it highly comfortable. If you love your music as you train or run, you’ll appreciate that there is a pocket for holding your phone or music player. It also has reflective details, so if you want to go running at night, you’ll be able to stay safe with it on.

As a one-size fits most vest, it can fit most people. The weights are not removable, so if you are considering this one, be aware that it is about 12lbs extra that you’ll be carrying. This is decent for most people who are starting out with weighted vests.


  • It is ideal for use in warm months, thanks to its airy design
  • It has a soft feel to it, so you won’t be easily irritated by the material
  • The reflective stripes help to keep you safe at night, which is great for any night time jogger
  • It has a nifty pocket, so you can take things with you on your run or walk
  • It fits snugly on most users, so it won’t move around easily


  • The pocket is much too small for most phones, so it is better for other uses
  • It isn’t easy to adjust, which means that it may not fit smaller or slimmer individuals that well

3. Empower Weighted Vest for Women: Stylish, Balanced Design For Women

Sometimes, individuals can have issues with the vests that they choose, due to the design. This is one reason why many women love the Empower. It’s uniquely designed for women, so it offers the perfect fit for ladies who are weight training or whom love jogging.

This weighted workout vest has a crisscross design which allows the weight to be evenly distributed at key points. With only 8lbs of weight on the vest, you don’t have to worry about it feeling too heavy. It is a decent amount for those who want to add some weight, but not be weighed down on a jog.

The reflective strips help to ensure that you can be seen if you like to run in the early morning or night. The adjustable side straps ensure that you can get the fit that you need and keep it from bouncing. It can go around waists that measure from 24” to 48.” It’s open design also allows you to stay cool, even while exercising outdoors during warmer times of the year. It has nice, big shoulder straps to ensure for added comfort on the strap area.


  • The adjustable straps help users to get the perfect fit, for a more comfortable workout experience
  • It has shoulder pads, so the straps don’t get too uncomfortable while running
  • It has an attractive design, so you can feel confident about wearing it
  • The weight is just the right amount for those who don’t want too much or too little
  • Because it is specifically designed for females, it is highly comfortable for women to wear


  • It does have a slight bounce which could become annoying, but not as much as many other vests
  • The weight cannot be removed or adjusted, which could be an issue for those who want to build up to more weight

4. Hyperwear Hyper PRO Unisex: Form-Fitting Style

The Hyperwear is designed to provide the most lightweight wear while still offering 10lbs for the best results from your workout. The thin vest allows you to move easily while running or lifting weights. Yet, the stretch fabric is still strong enough to hold up the weights and last for months to come.

With wicking and odor-resisting material, the Hyperwear stays clean and comfortable to wear. The open side allows for breathability, so it remains airy enough to wear throughout the year. The open sides also allow you to maintain your needed range of motion for your exercises. The lacing permits users to adjust the vest to the perfect size.

Designed for either men or women to wear, it’s a clean design that won’t call too much attention while still providing a secure fit. The Hyperwear has 10lbs of weight, which is enough to help you see a difference in your workouts.


  • It is one of the best options for not restricting motion, which is ideal for many athletes
  • It offers optimal breathability, making it one of the best options to wear in the summer
  • It is easy to adjust with the laces on the side, so it can fit a variety of individuals, no matter their size
  • It is more comfortable to wear than many other options, making it a highly attractive option for many
  • It doesn’t make users look like they belong on the police force, which is a plus for someone who simply wants to work out


  • It is much too pricey for many people who would prefer a more budget-friendly option
  • It isn’t as durable as some other options, due to poor stitching

5. Everlast F.I.T.: Sturdy Fit

If you want to find one that allows you to run without disrupting the experience, this Everlast could be ideal. Because of the unique Evergrip technology, this vest doesn’t move around a lot, which helps to eliminate bounce.

As a one-size-fits-most, you should be able to wear this weighted vest without any problems. Thanks to the adjustable straps, you can adjust the vest to fit you perfectly, if need be.

With iron and sand weight filling, it provides enough weight for you to get a good workout while using it. At 10lbs of weight, it’s the right size for those who want to see a difference without being too weighed down.

It offers a secure fit without being too bulky, making it ideal for those who want as much range of movement as possible.


  • It has adjustable straps, so that you can always get the most secure fit needed
  • It has a sturdy construction that helps it to last through months of use
  • It doesn’t bounce easily, which is always a positive for runners wearing a weighted vest
  • It is made from neoprene, which allows for durable wear
  • It is also easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about it getting too stinky after multiple uses


  • It may be a bit too bulky for some, which could get in the way of running
  • The straps are a bit tricky to adjust, due to their position on the vest

6. Zeyu Sports Walking Fitness: Fun, Lightweight Design

The Zeyu is a lightweight weighted vest that won’t get in the way. It works well for women who want something that isn’t restrictive and that still provides enough weight. With 8lbs of weights, you will feel a difference in your workouts, without it being too heavy.

The vest is available in a variety of colors, so you can find the one that you love, whether it’s pink or yellow. The adjustable straps, form-fitting design, and the buckle all make it easy to adjust the Zeyu to the perfect fit.

Because the vest is filled with sand and not pellets, it is very quiet to use. It isn’t slim enough to wear under clothes, but it certainly is less eye-catching than some other options. The weight is evenly distributed on the vest, making it a well-balanced option for better workout results.


  • It isn’t too heavy or bulky, so it won’t get in your way while exercising
  • It has an attractive design, for women who pay special attention to their workout gear
  • It is quiet to use and won’t wake up the household, should you decide to workout at home in the wee hours of the morning
  • It doesn’t hurt your shoulders, thanks to the fact that the weight is evenly spread out
  • The adjustable straps make it easy for you to get the perfect fit


  • It tends to bounce a lot, due to the lack of a upper body strap
  • It doesn’t allow you to adjust weight amounts, which could matter for those who want to build up to more

7. MIR 30lbs Adjustable For Women: With Removable Weights

If you want to be able to adjust your weights, the MIR is the ideal option for you. You can easily use the amount of weights that you want, although you may not want to use more than 30lbs.

The adjustable Velcro belt means that it can fit a variety of sizes and because it’s made from 1200 d-nylon, it is relatively durable. Although it provides a sturdy fit that won’t bounce around too much, it’s also breathable enough to wear throughout the year. It allows for a broad range of motion, so you can keep up with your normal exercise while being able to add some weight.

If you are looking for a weighted vest that offers variety, the MIR is an ideal option for you. The straps are very easy to work with, so you don’t have to stress about adjusting it to your size. While it may be tricky for smaller people to adjust it, due to limited Velcro, it’s a decent option for most women.


  • It is comfortable to wear, which is important when it comes to a weighted vest
  • It is well-constructed, making it a durable option
  • The shoulder area is comfortable and doesn’t hurt your shoulders, which is a must-have feature
  • It stays snug against your chest, which helps to reduce bounce during intense workouts
  • You can remove weights as needed, which is a great feature that can be hard to find


  • The vest doesn’t include instructions, but it’s easy to set up
  • There isn’t enough Velcro for smaller people to adjust it to their size, which could be an issue for some

8. ZFOsports Adjustable: 40lbs/60lbs/80lbs: Adjustable Weight

If you’re weight training and want to continue to build up more and more weight, you’ll appreciate an option like the ZFOsports. The vest is available with different weight amounts, so whether you want to use 40lbs or go up to 80lbs, you can.

It includes a pocket for a water bottle, so if you want to go running and stay refreshed, you can. A one-size-fits-all vest, it will fit most men. While the design doesn’t allow for much breathability in the summer, it is strong enough to hold a lot of weight and offers durability.

It has a good distribution of the weights on the vest, so you aren’t only focusing one area while using it. While it is a bit long for shorter users, the adjustable straps help to allow it to be a good fit width wise. It is made from quality materials and won’t rip easily.


  • The weight bags are constructed well, so that you don’t have to worry about them ripping apart during use
  • The weight is decently distributed on your body for best results
  • It has a pocket for safekeeping of a water bottle or other necessary items
  • It allows for easy movement, especially in the arm area, which is a must with any weighted vest
  • The straps are adjustable, so you can get the right fit for your size


  • It is a bit too bulky for some people’s preferences, which could make you stick out at the gym
  • It’s challenging to put together for some, which could be annoying when you want to use it right away

9. Iron Weight Vest for Men and Women: Quality Design With Balanced Weight

Comfortable enough for both men and women, you won’t feel like you’re wearing a bullet proof vest with this option. It has a unique design that allows for your chest to remain largely uncovered with a small box on your back. The weight is evenly distributed to avoid any issues. It’s also highly beneficial for those who typically suffer from lower back pain when using weighted vests.

The adjustable strap allows you to get the right fit so that you can avoid as much bounce as possible. Whether you are male or female, this feature ensures that you can wear it comfortably.

At 11lbs, it is heavier than some similar options, but good enough for those who really want to gain results from using it. With reflective strips, it’s safe to use during the night, which makes it a good option for evening jogs. It also has a pocket for keeping your music player or other items that you may need. For it’s unique quality, balanced weight, and comfortable design, the price is right.


  • It has a comfortable design that can be used by both men and women
  • It’s design allows for breathable wear during warm months
  • It is priced fairly for the quality and aesthetics that it provides
  • It has a good amount of weights, so users can expect to see a difference using it
  • The pocket is ideal for carrying energy bars or music players, so you can run with what you need


  • If you’re petite, you may find that the vest fits large, even after adjusting it, which could cause too much bounce for you
  • The stitching isn’t the best, which makes it less durable than some other options

10. Pinty Adjustable Weight Training

This option is made from quality materials that are strong and durable. The only issue is that these materials make it a bit too hot to wear during warm months. The interlining offers comfort and protection against weights hitting your body during high-intensity workouts.

The adjustable waist means that you can get it just right for working out. An issue for some is that while the buckles are great for helping to keep the vest up, they can be annoying for when you want to remove it. It has somewhat of a strange smell due to the iron/sand mix used in the weights, but it isn’t noticeable for everyone.

It’s comfortable enough to wear during colder months, but because it’s so bulky, it may be annoying to wear during the summer. It also has too much bounce to be used for certain activities, so you may want to choose carefully.


  • It has enough weight for those looking to enhance their workout efforts
  • It’s made of durable materials, so you can use it for a long time
  • It is sturdy and strong enough to hold up weights, without tearing
  • It allows for movement and motion when in use
  • It is priced fairly, so you don’t have to spend more than 100 bucks


  • It is much too bulky for warm days or for those who don’t like feeling restricted
  • It has an odd smell that is a bit annoying for some people

Tips For Fitness Training

As you’re considering a weighted vest, you could be interested in different ways to use it. It can be a bit confusing to know if it’s any good for you or how it can help. Here are a couple of examples of when and how to use it:

Do you enjoy running? A weighted vest can help you to train to be a faster runner. Whether you want to run marathons or want to drop the pounds by jogging, it can help. Just make sure that you find one that provides a secure, snug fit, as ones that are too loose will bounce around too much. This can cause bruising and is highly irritating.

A lot of runners who use these vests like to use them to train for marathons, by running with them for weeks before the race and quitting them just a week or so before.

Do you want to build muscle endurance? Because training with a vest is helpful for weight lifters, you can start using one to build muscle endurance. If you have already been training with weights but have reached a plateau, wearing a vest can help you a lot.

Some good exercises for achieving more muscle strength and endurance are depth drops and the lateral crawl.

  • The lateral crawl is when you get on all fours and crawl (something you could see in an army drill), but because you have the vest on you, you are strengthening the torso and your shoulders.
  • The depth drops help you to gain speed and strength as you jump off a box briefly and jump as high as you can. Just imagine adding a weighted vest. It will make you more agile and stronger than ever before.

It’s good for bone strength. Many people who have issues with weak bones but who want to become stronger will use weighted vests. This will help them to be able to able to form stronger and more dense bones, so that they are not only building their muscles but strengthening bones as well.

What Features You Need To Focus On

As you look for the best weighted vest for running, you’ll want to consider some features before purchasing. The following features are some of the more important ones that you should pay attention to, for a more successful purchase.


If you don’t mind a little extra weight and warmth, a full-vest could work for you. For the most part, it’s easier to carry more weight on them and many men like to wear them for weight training.

Many women prefer lighter designs that criss-cross or don’t have too much material, as it rests easier on their chests. When looking for your vest, consider the style and design that would be the most comfortable for your type of exercise or activity.

Removable Weights

Unless you are just hoping to use a set amount of weights to enhance your training over a certain period of time, you may want removable ones. Removable weights will allow you to be able to up the weight when needed, so you can see the results that you want.

The only thing to consider about this feature is that your vest may not be able to hold too much weight without tearing. You’ll want to double check the vest’s quality, if you hope to use heavier weights.


If you’re using the vest during the winter, there won’t be much issue if the vest completely covers your chest, stomach, back, and sides. But, imagine trying to use a vest like this during the warm months.

Not only will you sweat a lot, it may be extremely uncomfortable to use. Look for options that have open mesh sides or that hardly have any material at all. At the very least, look for materials that let some air in.


You want to make sure that whichever vest you choose has been made with a strong material. Weights are heavy and if placed in a vest with poor stitching or of poor quality, they are bound to break easily.

Don’t forget that breathability is important to look for in the vests material and if it can be soft on the interior, even better. That way, you don’t get irritated easily by the straps or inside of the vest.


Many of these vests come with a one-size-fits-all description. This may be true for the average person, but because some are slimmer or larger than others, it helps when they have adjustable straps.

Pay close attention to the straps, if you happen to be a very slim person who needs to tighten it as much as possible. If you have a larger build, you may want to find one that is long enough to expand it to your size.


Are you ready to take your workout a step further? These vests will help you out. If you have a trainer, you may want to ask them how much weight is best for you and then go from there to choose the one that you consider to be best for you.

From lightweight designs for women to heavier vests, there is something for everyone on our list. You can choose one that is pretty in pink or try the option that will provide you with the ability to use the highest amount of weight.

Before starting a routine with a weighted vest, check with your doctor about any pre-existing conditions. If they give you the go ahead, happy shopping. You’ll soon see the results of your hard work and effort!

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