Top Ten Best Tennis Elbow Brace Reviews: Combined With Compression Sleeve You Can Speed Up Recovery

For professional and amateur tennis players there are some extensive injuries. Tennis is not the most injury-prone sport, but players do tend to suffer from some of the worst repetitive strain injuries. One such common injury is known as tennis elbow.

Strictly speaking, it is not just something that tennis players get. If you do any receptive movement of the arm like constant light lifting for example, then you can be just as susceptible to it.

What it actually is, is a form of tendonitis or inflammation of the tendons around the elbow joint. For tennis players, this usually affects the strong arm as this is the one that has the most force. But it can affect both elbows.

There are some solutions to deal with it that require medical treatment and medication as well as physiotherapy. In severe cases that is necessary to deal with the pain. But if you're just experiencing some soreness then there are some great and simple braces and sleeves that can help you out.

On this page, you will find an extensive list of the best tennis elbow brace options currently available. We cover all budgets so that you can make sure you see something that you can afford. Having a combination of sleeve and brace can help you reduce the pain and help repair the injury as well. As long as you get the placement right, these products will work wonders to get you active again.

Our Top 10 Best Tennis Elbow Brace Recommendations

#1 - SIMIEN Tennis Elbow Brace
Professional Grade With Easy Adjustment
  • Includes two braces, sweatband and E-book
  • One size fits all
  • Excellent value for money
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - DashSport Compression Elbow Sleeve
Size Options Help You Get The Perfect Fit
  • Available in several sizes
  • Includes elbow brace and compression sleeve
  • Helps circulation and repair
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - WIMI Sports Copper Compression Sleeve
Ideal For Pain Relief And Recovery
  • With compression sleeve
  • For all types of sports
  • With easily adjusted brace
4.5 stars out of 5

1. SIMIEN Tennis Elbow Brace: Professional Grade With Easy Adjustment

The SIMIEN is the kind of elbow brace that has the right features. With a pack that has two elbow braces, you can quickly switch between the two or use them at different times. It includes a gel-like pad that allows for more comfortable wear. And this also provides the right amount of pressure to help relieve your pain.

If you want to understand better how to deal with tennis elbow, you’ll probably appreciate the instructional e-book included with the package. It will not only teach you how to use the product, but it will also help you learn beneficial exercises for your problem. The two go hand-in-hand, so it’s only fitting that SIMIEN will go a step further and provide customers with more ways to feel better.

It has a hook and loop strap which allows it to fit comfortably. This kind of strap tends to be more durable than other options that merely use Velcro from one side to the next. The SIMIEN is made from neoprene and nylon which won’t cause allergic breakouts. It also means that this option is highly durable. As a one-size-fits-most product, this brace should fit you just right.

With two braces, a book, and high-quality materials, you would think that the SIMIEN is too costly. But, it’s actually amazingly affordable. The pad puts just the right amount of pressure without causing too much pain. It also starts to relieve pain right away, making it convenient for those moments when you just can’t bear it anymore. While the brace is quite durable, with constant use, it tends to loosen up quickly.


  • Product includes two braces, sweatband and E-book on dealing with pain
  • One size fits all allows you to adjust size to your arm
  • Synthetic materials are hard wearing
  • Excellent value for money given what the package includes
  • Doesn’t get in the way when playing tennis, golf or exercise in the gym


  • Velcro wears out a bit too easy
  • Not ideal for very slim arms

2. DashSport Compression Elbow Sleeve: Size Options Help You Get The Perfect Fit

The DashSport includes an E-book PDF so that you can understand how to use the sleeve and live without elbow pain. It also boasts some of the best material for top results. With a unique copper nylon infusion combined with 200GSM fabric, it is an efficient and comfortable sleeve. The material is also breathable, which helps to make it easier for you to use in warm weather.

The DashSport doesn’t only come with a sleeve; it also includes a brace which helps to make it an even more beneficial product. If you suffer from tennis elbow pain, you know how vital pain relief is, and this baby does a good job at it.

As convenient as this option is with both brace and sleeve, it won’t cost you too much and will work wonders for you.

For those who have tried only using a brace, the compression sleeve and brace combo are highly beneficial. It is especially useful for those of you with more severe pain that has been going on for a while. The strap helps to ensure that the pressure is applied just right and the compression sleeve provides you with the support that you need.

If you’re looking for an option that allows you to wear it comfortably without being too warm, this is an ideal sleeve/brace combo. This DashSport product has an innovative design that won’t slip, is comfortable to wear, and feels comfortable for long-lasting use.


  • Available in several sizes to help you get the perfect fit
  • Includes elbow brace and compression sleeve
  • Tennis elbow sleeve helps circulation and repair
  • Brace is easy to adjust and effectively relieves pain
  • Suitable for wearing all day


  • Velcro strap overlaps on small arms
  • Sizing runs a bit large

3. WIMI Sports Copper Compression Sleeve: Ideal For Pain Relief And Recovery

If you want something that will not only help you feel better but teach you how, the WIMI package goes all out. An affordable package, it includes top products. The copper-infused sleeve helps to relieve the pain while still allowing a broad range of movement. You can wear it while playing tennis or golf and it will significantly reduce pain felt in your elbow.

The WIMI also includes an excellent tennis elbow brace that can be used with the sleeve. It has a unique inner gel pad that is wide and will help to soothe your pain. With the compression sleeve designed to be form-fitting, it works well for most users. Non-form fitting sleeves tend to get big over time, so this feature helps to ensure that you can use it for months to come. The sleeve is made from a percentage of copper-infused nylon, as well as supple spandex to allow for breathability and flexibility.

The fact that it’s copper-infused also means that it is beneficial in keeping bacteria at bay, as well as bad odors. It also helps to aid in recovery with the presence of positive ions.

Using both the compression sleeve and brace is a good idea as one will ensure support for your pained injury while the other will aid in recovery.

Last but not least, it also includes an eBook that will provide you with tips on how to feel better faster. It definitely makes a difference for those who want to keep up with their favorite sport.


  • Complete solution for pain relief and repair with added compression sleeve
  • Sleeve and brace can be worn together for all types of sports
  • Effective at relieving pain with easily adjusted brace
  • Compression sleeve helps circulation which promotes recovery
  • Breathable material reduces sweating and discomfort


  • Velcro wears quite easily with frequent use and adjustment
  • Difficult to get size right when you’re in between sizes

4. Sleeve Stars Tendonitis Brace: Most Durable Option For Active People

If you don’t see the need for the sleeve, but still want something to alleviate pain, try the Sleeve Stars brace. With two adjustable Velcro straps, it’s easy for it to fit most people and to adjust it to your size. Because the Velcro can attach to any part of the strap, it makes it easier to fit for most forearm sizes. It’s designed to fit either your left or right arm, so you don’t have to worry about trying to determine if it works for your injured side.

It is made of nylon and neoprene which allows it to be worn comfortably and also ensures that the area won’t get too hot while it’s being worn. This material combination also helps to make the brace more durable than most. It won’t restrict movement but will provide you with the pain relief you need.

If you play outdoors, you probably don’t want a full sleeve that will only make you feel hot and sweaty. A lightweight brace like this one will allow for a cooler experience while still providing the support you need. Plus, it looks good while it’s at it, and who doesn’t want their active gear to be stylish? Its discreet design makes it easy to wear everywhere, whether to a game or to work.

While it may appear a bit small and narrow to some, it’s the perfect size for a non-invasive solution to your pain. Unlike some options, the Sleeve Stars is very easy to put on and doesn’t wear out quickly. Whether you have tendonitis or other tennis-related problems, this brace is meant to help all kinds of arm-related ailments. From tendonitis to carpal issues, the Sleeve Stars was designed for all kinds of individuals.


  • Very durable design makes it ideal for daily use
  • Easy to adjust and fit to the right tightness
  • Effective pain relief by providing targeted support
  • Never gets in the way during sport and exercise
  • If the pain point shifts you can quickly make adjustments


  • Velcro could be better quality to stay in place for longer time
  • Not suitable for very slim arms

5. Tomight Brace With Compression Pad: Cheap Option For Both Arms

The Tomight brace has a unique design that allows for maximum comfort and functionality. With Velcro straps, it’s easy to adjust the brace to fit you perfectly. Designed with high-quality seam work, you can trust that it will last for months of use. The brace was sewn with double stitching to ensure a tighter and more durable brace that won’t tear easily. Because you may need to use the brace for months to come, this is a highly attractive factor.

With a wide compression pad, it effectively soothes the troubled area and applies just the right amount of pressure for the support that you need. Oftentimes, the padded area may be a bit too small for some which can render it useless to the user. This is one reason why the wide pad on the Tomight is such a hit; you can be sure that it will cover the painful area.

The design also allows for maximum breathability, so if you use it during a game, it won’t irritate your skin. It’s made from wide neoprene, so unless you have some type of allergy to it, you can expect it to feel smooth and comfortable to wear.

The two-strap design allows you to quickly and easily loosen or tighten the brace and won’t get in the way of your game. It also ensures that the brace stays on, no matter what. The package includes two braces and a user manual, which is both convenient and helpful. Best of all, the Tomight option is inexpensively priced. While quality is most likely what you’re looking for, it doesn’t hurt that you’re paying less for more.


  • Pack of two is ideal if you have pain in both arms
  • Double Velcro straps keep it in place during sport and exercise
  • Very well ventilated to reduce sweating
  • Very effective pain relief when worn regularly
  • Helps distribute the muscle force to help recovery


  • Slightly on the bulky side
  • Not suitable for very slim arms

6. PlayActive Elbow Strap: For Maximum Comfort

What could be better than one elbow strap to relive your tendonitis or tennis elbow? Two elbow straps. That’s one reason why the PlayActive strap is a good option for athletes and weightlifters. It includes two quality straps for a low price that won’t break the bank. This is also convenient should you happen to have pain in both of your elbows. The braces are identical, so you can be sure that they will both provide the relief that you need.

It is also easy to adjust to your size by using the hook and loop fastener straps. This style of strap lasts for a long time and helps the brace stay in place. It also allows for easier adjustment, so that you can wear the strap comfortably and effortlessly. If you’re concerned about how this elbow strap will feel, rest assured it’s made with user comfort in mind. Straps on braces do matter, especially because a loose elbow brace is as good as no elbow brace. Because the PlayActive was designed with user comfort in mind, this option has one of the best-created straps on the market.

The compression pad is soft and supportive so that it won’t annoy you but will still provide you with the pressure needed for relief. Made from neoprene and nylon, it has just the right amount of give for flexibility and breathability. Flexible and breathable material means that you can keep playing your sport without being bothered or irritated by your brace. The PlayActive also includes an E-guide to help you use it correctly and learn techniques for reducing elbow pain.


  • Compression pad has the perfect balance between soft and firm for maximum comfort
  • The pack includes two braces to ensure that you can always use one or the other
  • It’s made from quality materials that are comfortable and breathable
  • The unique straps are longer lasting than many and are easy to adjust
  • It is effective in providing pain relief for tennis elbow or carpal tunnel problems


  • The straps are a bit short making it difficult for larger users
  • The straps tend to loosen quickly which can be frustrating

7. Kunto Fitness Compression Support: Available In Nice Designs

If you’re not much for the brace but want the support that your elbow is crying for, this compression support is made for you. It has a unique design that works to provide support for those with tennis elbow or golf elbow, so you can still do what you love. The 4-way stretch capability allows you to keep up with the same movements and sports as before, only without as much pain. While some compression sleeves limit function, this one doesn’t.

Its TRUE FIT design will not allow it to slip and will fit most users. It can fit larger athletes to slimmer individuals. This makes it a more versatile compression support than others with inaccurate sizing. Its unique fabric weave also has a form-fitting functionality so that users get the support they need without it “cutting off circulation.” After all, you want the right amount of compression for its benefits, but you also don’t want more pain from a tennis elbow sleeve that is much too snug.

The breathable compression fabric on the Kunto Fitness allows you to maintain the flexibility you need for your sport. Some people have allergies to neoprene, which makes this option a great alternative to neoprene braces and sleeves. For those with neoprene allergies, they may be hard-pressed to find an option like this one. It also has a unique, colorful pattern that allows it to stand out.  If you’re concerned about getting hot and irritated in this option, you’ll appreciate that it’s well ventilated for drama-free use.


  • It has good compression support for pain relief
  • It has a fun, colorful design for extra style
  • Its form-fitting design allows for a flexible fit
  • Its neoprene-free fabric means no irritability
  • The pressure is just right on this sleeve making it comfortable to wear


  • It tends to roll down the arm which can be uncomfortable
  • The product sizing is inaccurate, making it hard to find the perfect fit

8. E'fit Compression Pad: Very Breathable To Reduce Sweating

This option is handy because it includes what you will need and then some. As a two-pack, the E’fit provides you with not one but two great compression pads for the support you need. It’s always nice to know that if one gets ruined, you’ll still have the other. Fortunately, this E’fit compression pad is also a quality one, so you shouldn’t run out soon.

The form-fitting design makes it easy to fit most people, and the Velcro straps will allow you always to be able to adjust it for perfect compression.

Made with quality neoprene, this compression pad is both flexible and breathable. While other pads may be restrictive in activities such as yoga or cross-fit, this option allows for maximum movement without taking away from the pressure needed for pain relief.  It’s also sweat and odor resistant so that you can keep on using it, even after several games. Plus, you’ll always have a back up one.

The black and blue design is attractive and non-conspicuous.  The pack includes an eBook with great tips and instructions. If you’ve been looking for new exercises for recovery, this eBook is more helpful than you would think.


  • The pack includes two braces which is highly convenient
  • It includes an eBook to help you learn more about elbow pain relief
  • The Velcro straps allow for great adjustability
  • The compression pad is made from breathable neoprene for comfortable wear
  • The E’fit works well for larger users


  • The E’fit brace may run too large for those with slim forearms
  • The straps are a bit too short for some people’s preferences

9. Venom Sports Tendonitis Elbow Brace: For Immediate Pain Relief

The Venom is a quality option that can be used by almost any kind of athlete with elbow pain. It has a unique design that takes support a step further with targeted compression and heat retention. These features help to do several things, like improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and also relieve pain. That’s a relief, right?

While it does all this for you, it is lightweight and feels comfortable to wear. It also allows for plenty of flexibility without taking away from support. The high-quality design is also designed to stand up to wear and doesn’t wear or lose compression easily. It takes time for injuries to heal and knowing that your brace will last for the long-haul is something that most people are looking for.

The Venom Sports also includes a PDF guide which will help you understand how the elbow brace should be worn and tips on recovery exercises. Because recovery isn’t only about wearing a brace, the guide is a great extra that you’ll be sure to appreciate.

If you’re into looks, you’ll probably appreciate the sharp design of the Venom Sports Elbow Brace. A cool white design set against an all-black background helps this brace stand out in a good way. It’s both a product that will help you feel better and one that will look great doing it.


  • Because of its quality compression, it provides immediate relief
  • The material is lightweight and breathable which is perfect for comfortable wear
  • It includes heat retention which soothes pain
  • The Venom Sports provides top support for those with tendonitis or tennis elbow
  • It includes a book with exercises that will aid in your recovery


  • Its sizing is off which could result in users purchasing an incorrect fit
  • It doesn’t work as a brace

10. Thera Point Acupressure: Very Easily Adjusted

With unique features such as acupressure therapy and heat therapy, this design is ideal for those who want something small yet effective for elbow pain relief. While the acupressure therapy feature is still patent pending, it is a unique feature not often found in this type of brace.

It’s wider than most elbow braces allowing for a broader range of support, which can be beneficial for some users. If you find that most traditional braces don’t provide you with the coverage you need, this option may be helpful.

It includes a pressure adjusting buckle and strap which ensures that you get the level of pressure that you prefer. To adjust the size of the brace itself, you simply use the adjustable Velcro straps to get it to the right fit. While the size of this brace may seem a bit bulky to some, others may appreciate that it fits snug to allow for optimal compression.

If you’re a no-frills kind of person, you’ll appreciate this design which is simple to use, won’t be an eyesore, and does what it says. It doesn’t cost much and is tested and proven by doctors to aid in elbow pain recovery. You want a product that has been known to do what it’s meant to, because who wants to throw away hard-earned cash?

If you wear it for a few hours a day, it has even been known to help your pain be significantly reduced with time. As a comfortable band that does what it’s meant to, it’s worth the slightly higher price. It also has unique features that you won’t find on other similarly priced sleeves and bands.


  • It is one of the more effective braces on the market
  • You can easily adjust pressure for better results
  • It’s easy to adjust size so that it fits you whether you have larger or slimmer forearms
  • It provides relief through acupressure and heat therapy
  • It covers a broader area on your elbow/forearm area


  • The sizing is inaccurate which can cause confusion
  • It has lettering on the inside which could be irritating

What Features You Should Focus On

Comparing products from different companies is always going to be a tough task, because they often use different terms to describe the exact same thing. It’s a common marketing trick to help them seem more unique. But in fact, it only causes confusion.

To help with this, we did a huge amount of research to get the above list of 10 products. And when you’re looking at them, make sure that you keep the following features in mind. Everything else is likely going to be a bit of a distraction.

These are the precise features we looked at to put together each individual tennis elbow brace review. It’s a simple process, but takes a lot of time.

Compression Sleeve

One option for helping with the pain from tendonitis is to use a compression sleeve. They apply a certain amount of pressure directly to the skin and muscles. It’s almost like a massaging effect and the result is improved blood flow. That additional blood flow will bring more nutrients to the damaged area which helps to speed up the recovery and repair process.

Before compression sleeves were around you’d often see athletes using bandages to wrap them around the affected area tightly. It’s the same concept, but these types of sleeves are a lot more comfortable.

They are a great option to wear all day and are barely noticeable under clothes. For light pain this is a great choice to make. But if your pain is more severe, then you’ll need the supporting effect of a brace.

Strap Brace

If you look at old video footage of tennis players you’ll see some of them wearing an armband. This would have been a tight band that helps to support the elbow joint and reduce the strain on the tendons.

Modern braces do the exact same thing, just with a much more targeted design. Essentially, you’ll have the ability to adjust the tightness easily and move the main pressure point around. When you get this right on top of the main area of pain, then you will get the best possible results.

Having a sleeve and a strap is often the best solution. When you’re active and playing sports, then you should wear the brace. And for the rest of the day, or when the soreness has started to go away, then you can wear the compression sleeve. This combination is an ideal solution to relieve the pain and speed up recovery.


This is a very important feature. Everyone has a different arm size and there are big differences between men and women, as well as adults and children. Some of the products we have listed come in different sizes. If you have a particularly small or large arm, then that might be the best solution.

But whatever option you go for, always make sure that it is adjustable with Velcro straps. The reason is that dependent on the severity of your tendonitis, you will want to adjust how tight you apply the brace.


Generally speaking you will need to have synthetic materials. You don’t want to go for anything natural, as it will not be able to provide the tightness. As well as that, it would quickly become very smelly if you wear it when playing sports.

Neoprene is one of the most popular materials, and you should also check for anti-bacterial properties. Most products are treated in a way that reduces the buildup of bacteria, which are the main reason for bad smells developing.


Each of the tennis elbow brace review items above has been chosen to provide maximum breathability. The reason you want to have that type of material is that when playing sports or on hot days, you want to limit the amount of sweating. If excessive sweat builds up under the brace or sleeve, then you will find it very uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap products out there that practically feel like you’re wearing plastic directly on the skin. The end result is that you won’t wear it and find that your problem only gets worse.

What Is Tennis Elbow?

We’ll only mention the medical term once: lateral epicondylitis. If you can’t pronounce that then don’t worry, we don’t have a clue either. It’s far more convenient to just refer to it as tennis elbow.

Now the important thing to note is that tennis elbow doesn’t only affect tennis players. It can also happen in many forms of athletics, like javelin, and also in ping pong, golf or any other activity where a very repetitive strain impact the muscles and tendons around the elbow.

Carpenters and laborers will often suffer from this same issue, especially if they swing a hammer for long periods of time. The effect is the exact same as a tennis player swinging the racket.

The result is a pain that can range from slightly uncomfortable to almost debilitating. Now, you should never let it get so far that you can barely move the arm without suffering severe pain. Before that happens you should seek medical attention for very targeted treatment.

The problem is that it can initially just be an occasional soreness. You might notice it after a long and intense tennis match, but the following day it’s fine again. Even such occasional pains should not be ignored.

And once it becomes a more constant pain, then you have to avoid the activity altogether. Otherwise you run a very large risk of causing permanent damage that can only be fixed with surgery.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often, especially with amateur players. Rather than rest the arm for a while, they fight through it thinking that it will go away. But 9 times out of 10 It will keep coming back. And over time it will get worse.

If you have any suspicions about having such an injury, then it’s always best to act immediately.

First off, though, how do you know what the symptoms are?

What Are The Most Common Symptoms?

By far the most common complaint is a pain right at the outer elbow joint. Usually it is within an inch or two from the elbow down the forearm. You’ll likely find that the pain is always in the same spot. But that area can increase in size, as can the level of pain.

Even if the pain is not constant, you might find that you get a sudden pain when pressure is applied to the bony areas of the outer elbow. Because the tissue is very sensitive due to the damage, this can be a very typical early warning sign that something isn’t quite right.

Because it is caused by repetitive strain from doing the same movements for a prolonged time, you will find that some of those movements tend to increase the pain.

One way to test this is out is by trying to apply pressure through a twisting movement of the wrist. This can be easily achieved by trying to use a screwdriver. If this causes pain right below your elbow joint, then it’s very likely to be a tear or inflammation of the tendons.

Some people will also find that the pain seems to travel from the elbow towards the wrist. But you will likely find that the elbow area is where the most severe pain is located.

How Can It Be Diagnosed?

Some of the above symptoms will help you tell if you have a form of tendonitis. But the only safe way to be sure is to consult with a medical doctor physiotherapist. Now, you don’t have to get medical help if you’ve only just noticed a light soreness, it is something to keep a close eye on.

If it progressively gets worse, then you could end up doing lasting damage.

A physician will start with performing multiple physical tests that apply pressure from different directions. This is combined with moving the arm, wrist and fingers in different ways and assessing your reaction. What is important here is to identify the exact location and amount of pain.

Dependent on age, possible other injuries and overall health factors, the pain can still be caused by something else. For example, arthritis and even a hairline fracture. If there is any uncertain outcome from the physical examination, then an x-ray is the best next step.

This will rule out other possible causes. In very severe cases, where chronic pain is involved due to lasting damage, an MRI scan might be needed. This is usually a last resort when surgery is being explored to repair the damage.

What Causes It?

The simple answer is that any repetitive movement that has a bit of force behind it. In sports this is very common in tennis, ping pong, golf, some athletics disciplines, basically anywhere that the forearm muscle tends to make the same movements.

Because there is a lot of force behind those movements the tissue connecting the muscle to the joints is constantly under stress. As you can imagine, in tennis training and a competitive match, there will be hundreds of movements using the forearm muscles.

Over time the tendons can start to form micro tears which then result in swelling and pain. Generally, this will repair itself through resting the arm, and stopping the movement for a while. But when it’s happened once, it can come back again.

However, it doesn’t only affect people playing sports.

Carpenters and laborers are often also doing very repetitive movements of the arm. And that can be all day long, every day of the week. Most commonly this happens through the use of a hammer, which is very common on construction sites.

The problem is that you might not be able to rest the arm for any length of time simply. And switching to your weaker arm will also be difficult.

How Can You Treat Tendonitis?

In the most severe cases surgery will be the only option. But it’s important to know that this is only done as a last resort. Only once you have gone through all other forms of treatment will this be an option.

The first treatment is always going to be allowing the muscles to rest. With some light exercise to promote circulation and strengthen the arm you can help speed up the recovery and repair process. The best thing to do though is to consult with a physiotherapist. Getting the right exercises will be very important to avoid causing more damage.

Anti-inflammatory medication is often recommended, and it will help deal with the immediate pain. But it’s not a solution for fully repairing the damaged tissue. It’s just going to provide you with some relief. So, make sure that you don’t associate pain relief with the problem being fixed.

During the initial treatment of tennis elbow orthotic devices are often recommended. They work extremely well at supporting the arm and reducing the pain without the extensive use of medication.

A tendonitis elbow brace is one such option, and there are many options for you on this page. But you can also combine that with a compression sleeve which will have a massaging effect. These will also promote blood circulation which will speed up the repair process.

The important thing to note is that if the pain keeps coming back, or doesn’t go away, you should seek medical advice. It’s not worth the risk of causing lasting damage.

How Do Elbow Braces Work?

If you do get one then you might wonder how to wear a tennis elbow brace for the best effect. The answer is generally to experiment a bit. The focus of the pressure should be directly on top of or just below the main point of pain.

The brace will be made of at least one adjustable strap. This allows you to tighten it as much as you feel comfortable. Within a few minutes you should start feeling an easing of the pain. Even when moving around.

Essentially, the brace acts in a way to restrict the maximum extension of muscle fibers. You won’t be able to apply full force and the movements that are causing the damage and pain are greatly restricted.

You will likely find that doctors and physiotherapists will recommend them to be used whenever the pain flares up. But you should keep in mind that having a brace that works, shouldn’t mean that you can go back to playing sports or doing the work that caused it in the first place.

How Can You Prevent It From Happening?

Preventing the problem from occurring is always the best option. In the world of sport, the number one way to prevent tennis elbow, is to learn the proper technique. If you’re using your arms in a way that increases the stress on muscles and tendons, then the likelihood of it happening is very high.

Another important thing to do is to strengthen the muscle as much as you can. The stronger it becomes the more pressure it will be able to withstand. And avoid lifting and pulling heavy items on a regular basis. These sudden bursts of pressure on the tendons will only make things worse.

The one prevention that most people will not like is that you should try and reduce the amount of work or play time. This is especially the case as you become older and the longer you have performed the repetitive movements. If that’s not an option, then just be aware of the symptoms discussed above. And act immediately if you notice any of them.


At this stage you’ll have all the information you need to understand the injury, it’s symptoms and treatment options. One device that will always help you deal with the pain and help repair the damage is a brace. We have listed out all the best tennis elbow brace options available right now in the list above.

Just scroll back up and use one of the buttons to place your order on Amazon today. You can get effective pain relief within 24 hours of ordering. And that will start the road to a speedy recovery.

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