Top Ten Best Swimming Ear Plugs Reviews

Whether you’re a triathlete or just like going for a relaxing float to unwind, one of the most annoying water constantly splashing in your eyes. Goggles are the simple solution for this, but if you’ve ever had water trapped in your ear, or suffered an infection after a swim, then you’ll now that water in your eyes is actually just a minor nuisance.

As I go swimming a lot and know a lot of people who competitively swim, I decided to some research and testing into different kinds of earplugs out there. I had so many bad experiences in the past, that I though a simple list of go-to products would help a lot of people.

So, after 4 months of research and testing I managed to bring a list of 50+ options down to the 10 best ear plugs for swimming.

#1 - Hearprotek Ear Plugs
  • Users like how durable they are
  • The silicone material they are made from allows for comfortable use.
  • The case they come with is ideal for storing them when they aren’t in use.
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Putty Buddies Original
  • They have fun, bright colors that kids love.
  • Many parents appreciate how easy it is to mold them to their children’s ears.
  • Users commented on how they are effective in keeping water out of ears.
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Speedo Silicone Ear Plugs
  • They are effective in keeping water out of your ears, according to users.
  • They can be adjusted to ensure that they do what they’re meant to: protect your ears.
  • They are durable so that you can keep on using them for a long time to come.
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Hearprotek Ear Plugs

The Hearprotek have an ergonomic design that helps them to fit nicely into your ear. They rest against the outer ear allowing for a fit that doesn’t let water get in, for maximum protection of the inner ear.

Some users have mentioned that they like the bright colors of the Hearprotek plugs, as it helps them to find them easily. Many people also love how comfortable these silicone ear plugs are, as they don’t irritate your ears while in use.

They do a good job of keeping your ears dry, which reduces discomfort and and the risk of infections. Many Amazon reviewers also like the case that comes with them, so you can keep them clean and safe when not in use.

Most of all, people like how long-lasting these are so that you don’t have to worry about needing to buy new ones any time soon.


  • Users like how durable they are, which helps one to avoid having to buy new ones quickly.
  • The silicone material they are made from allows for comfortable use.
  • The case they come with is ideal for storing them when they aren’t in use.
  • They are effective in keeping water out, which many users were happy about.
  • Many people like the quality provided at the price they cost.


  • Some people prefer flanged models, which these are not.

2. Putty Buddies Original

If you’re a parent, you may want to find an option that is easy for your kids to use. Many parents have found these soft moldable silicone options to be ideal for kids. With three sets in the package, you can make sure to always have a pair on hand when you need them.

They are specifically designed to help prevent injuries to your child’s ear canal and to keep ear infections at bay. Because of their sticky texture, they stay in place during your child’s swim, although some parents found the texture to be annoying, as it sticks to almost everything. Some would have preferred the package to include a carry case.

Overall, they do the job they are meant to for swimming, which is keep the water out of your ears. Because of their pliable shape and texture, they are easy to adjust for different ear sizes.


  • They have fun, bright colors that kids love.
  • Many parents appreciate how easy it is to mold them to their children’s ears.
  • Users commented on how they are effective in keeping water out of ears.
  • They are highly affordable, which is great for budget shoppers.
  • Many kids like how comfortable they are.


  • The stickiness can attract fluff and dirt.

3. Speedo Silicone Ear Plugs

Affordable and comfortable, these simple yet effective ear plugs are deemed a favorite by many. With a carry case that fits the two sets of silicone earplugs, you can easily use these for everyday swimming use.

Some users comment on how nice and simple this option is while remaining effective for keeping ears dry. Because these are moldable earplugs, you don’t have to worry about them not fitting. Users like how easy it is to reshape them to their specific ear sizes.

Because of the superior quality from this brand, these silicone plugs last for a long time and aren’t as susceptible to deforming as some other options.

Many people comment on how they are highly effective at keeping water out, but they also make it hard to hear. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you have a swimming coach you need to listen to.

As a form-fitting pair, you can be sure that they will fit you, no matter your ear size—at least that is what many users have commented. For the price and quality, these are a favorite for many Amazon reviewers.


  • They are effective in keeping water out of your ears, according to users.
  • Because of their moldable design, they can be adjusted to ensure that they do what they’re meant to: protect your ears.
  • They are durable so that you can keep on using them for a long time to come.
  • They are form-fitting, so it’s easy to use them, however large or small your ears are.
  • Users love how affordable they are while also providing quality.


  • They make it hard to hear, which may be a problem for those competing or with coaches.
  • They do get deformed easier than some other options.

4. Start Smart Soft Silicone Moldable

Some parents appreciate these moldable ear plugs, as it makes it easy for them to adjust to their children’s ear sizes. A package of two pairs at an affordable price is another reason why many reviewers appreciate these soft silicone plugs.

The texture itself is considered to be pillow-soft, and who wouldn’t want that feeling in their ears?

The ergonomic design allows for a secure fit so that there is no way to get water inside. The pack also includes a protective case, so parents can keep their kids’ earplugs clean when they’re not in use.

Although they are ideal for kids, these moldable ear plugs are also designed for use for adults as well. Some users commented on how they fall out easily, but this could be due to not molding them to your specific size.

For those who want to hear their coach during swimming or simply have good audio in the pool, these may not be the best option for you.


  • They are easy to mold into your specific ear size to ensure water stays out.
  • They can fit both children and adults, so you can buy a pack for you and your child.
  • Users like how they are very soft and comfortable to wear.
  • They include a protective case so that you can keep them clean when not in use, especially as they tend to stick to things.
  • They are effective in keeping water out of ears for the most part.


  • They don’t last too long when used in saltwater.
  • Users commented on how they tend to fall out after quite a bit of time in the water.

5. Splaqua Ear Plugs & Nose Clip

When you get this set, all you’ll be missing for a great experience is a swim cap before you head to the pool.

Many users comment that the nose clip and ear plugs are soft and flexible, so it’s easy to wear them, no matter your ear size. They are available in different colors, which is great for those who have a preference.

They are considered effective in keeping water and many people like that they include a nice free case so that you won’t lose them when they aren’t in use. Those who surf with the Splaqua set have commented on how the nose clip actually stays on even in tougher conditions.

If you’re considering them for your child, be aware that some users mentioned that they fell off easily on their little one. 


  • The nose clip stays on most people throughout a swim or surfing session.
  • Users like how they are effective in keeping water out.
  • The case is clear, so you can always see that you have your swimming set safe and sound.
  • The material on the plugs and clip feel soft and comfortable to wear.
  • They are available in a variety of colors, so you can easily choose your favorite.


  • They may not be the best for smaller ears or children.
  • People with larger noses found the clip to be a bit too snug.

6. Zooshine 6 Sets Waterproof Silicone

These silicone earplugs and nose clip are both soft and comfortable, so they won’t irritate you. They are designed for both children and adults, and since the package comes with 6 sets at a very affordable price, it’s a steal of a deal if you don’t want to have to worry about shopping around again anytime soon.

Users commented on how they stay in nicely throughout swims, so you won’t have to worry about them falling out to the bottom of the pool. The clips were also considered to be pretty decent, as long as people don’t use them with cream on their face.

They aren’t the most durable option on the market, but because the package includes many sets, you’ll have enough to keep you going for quite a while. Parents or multiple-person households may not consider them to be as ideal. Those with wider noses commented that they felt a bit too snug for comfort.


  • The package includes 6 colorful sets, which makes it perfect for a family or a single who wants plenty of options.
  • Many positive comments on how effective and comfortable they are
  • They are soft and comfortable to wear and won’t irritate your ears.
  • They are highly affordable, making them ideal for those shopping on a budget.
  • They are fun and ideal for children.


  • The nose clips aren’t ideal for everyone, especially people with larger noses.
  • Users stated how these weren’t as durable as some other options.

7. Junhua Reusable Waterproof

There are some people that wish for strings on their ear plugs so that they can easily remove them from their ears. But, be aware that many people commented on how they aren’t as effective as some other options.

The silicone material is soft and comfortable, which many people appreciate, but because these are noise-blocking, those who swim with coaches may want to look elsewhere. They come with a small case, so you won’t lose them when you’re done at the pool.

They may not be the best for small children due to the design that doesn’t allow for easy molding. If you’re looking for a pair of ear plugs to keep out noise while sleeping, these could be the right ones for you, but if it’s for swimming, you may want to look elsewhere. These are also not the best-priced options on the market as they are pricier than some that offer better quality at a lower price.


  • They are easy to take off and put in, thanks to the strings.
  • Users do like how comfortable the earpiece feels.
  • They include a small case for easy storage.
  • They are good for those who want to block out noise while trying to sleep.
  • They aren’t painful to wear.


  • They don’t allow you to hear when you are swimming, which could matter if you have a swimming coach.
  • They aren’t ideal for kids to use.

8. Putty Buddies Floating Earplugs

If you want to keep them from getting lost, this option is ideal. Many parents love how they float so that you can find them should your little one lose them while swimming. The pack includes a large variety of colors, which is fun for kids, and the bright colors allow you to spot them easily.

The soft design makes it easy for you to adjust the size and shape to your child’s ear, and according to parents who have used them, it makes it easy for you to make sure that no water gets in their ears.

With an affordable price, parents won’t have to worry about shopping for new ones anytime soon. Be aware that the silicone may be sensitive to hot temperatures, so use them for swimming and avoid hot baths. It can be tough to remove them at times, so do exercise caution when taking them out.


  • They are easy to mold into the shape that you want for them to fit your ears.
  • The pack includes a variety of colors at an affordable price, making them a great deal.
  • Users like the soft design that isn’t only form-fitting but also very comfortable.
  • They float so that parents can more easily find them should they fall out of your child’s ear.


  • The silicone material tends to deform in hot temperatures, so be careful.
  • They can be challenging to remove and require caution.

9. Epgyn Waterproof Silicone

At first, glance, what many people notice about these is their look. Futuristic looking, these are some of the best earplugs for those who get serious with their water play. Surfers and swimmers all comment on how they aren’t only attractive but they also do a great job at keeping water out while maintaining audio.

Users have commented on how they are easy to take in and out, which is always a plus with any type of ear plugs. While they do arrive needing to be assembled, with a bit of patience, they are simple to put together.

The unique fixation wings on the side have been known to do a good job at keeping the plugs in place, even during high impact water sports.

Some users love how they come with a great carry case that can easily clip on your gym bag and keeps them safe and clean when not in use. For the quality, as well as the added case, this pair is a pretty fair option for those who want reliability.


  • They are conveniently priced for both the quality and durability they provide.
  • Many users love how they keep water out without sacrificing hearing ability.
  • They are comfortable to wear, so you can keep them in throughout your swim.
  • The wings allow for a secure fit during any type of water activity.
  • Reviewers appreciate the unique design.


  • They may be a bit challenging to assemble at first, for some users.
  • They may not be suitable for children, as the size isn’t adjustable like some other options.

10. Sfxscs Swimming Earplugs

These are one of the most unique kinds with a hydrophobic coating on the mesh, which both allows for a better fit and more secure use.

Providing effective protection against water seeping into your ears, they still do a great job at allowing you to hear what’s going on around you. Users love how they come with a great storage case that is easy to attach to your swimming bag or carry around in your pocket.

The texture makes them a comfortable choice and also allows you to adjust them to your size. They are also designed to fit anyone, from children to adults, so you can buy them for yourself or for your kids. They are offered at a relatively fair price, and because they are made to last, many users love how durable they are.


  • They are durable and long-lasting.
  • They have a unique design that allows them to be secure throughout your swim.
  • Users appreciate how they keep water out while also allowing you to hear what’s going on.
  • The silicone part is easy to keep in place.
  • They come with a handy carry case.


  • The unique design may bother some people with sensitive ears.
  • They tend to fall out easily if they don’t fit our ear perfectly.

What Features Do You Need To Focus On

With many options to choose from, which pair is your favorite? Do you know what you need them for? Are you going to be swimming in saltwater or freshwater? Do you need to hear your swimming coach or do you not mind hearing silence while swimming? Are they for you or your child or both? Do you want to find them if they fall out?

These are all questions you should consider before you purchase a pair, as each one has their pros and cons. The following are some of the most important features to pay attention to when shopping for your swimming ear plugs.


The material that your plugs are made out of will have an impact on how they are used. For example, silicone is a pretty moldable material that allows you to adjust them to your ear size or that of your children.

Many people chose a soft type of silicone putty plug as they are easier to manipulate and since there is often no way of knowing if the ear plugs will fit you right, it’s wise to choose an option that you can adjust to your size.

The only thing to watch out for is the quality of the silicone used. In some cases, the plugs may deform in high temperatures, which can happen in a bath. 

If you’re buying them for swimming, only use them for swimming. Regular silicone ones are also available, but they tend to fall out easier as they aren’t always able to be molded to your ear size.

Also, look for pairs that float, so that if they do fall out, you can find them quickly and you won’t have to worry about losing a pair that you spent good money on.

Foam earplugs are sometimes used for swimming, but they tend to fall apart quickly, so do your best to avoid them, even if they are dirt-cheap.


While the type of material used does come into play here, knowing who you’re shopping for and at least having an idea of your ear size can help. This is also true if you’re looking for a nose clip to use with your plugs.

Size is extremely important. If you have a condition that you’re trying to take care of and not let water get your ear canal, you’ll want to pay close attention to the size.

This also holds true if you’re shopping for your child. You will want to make sure that you get an option that will allow you to adjust the size and shape to your child’s ear.

If you aren’t sure about their ear size, take some time to find out. It can save you time and money, so you don’t throw away money on ear plugs that won’t do what you need them to. Some quality options include measurements, so do your research if you want to avoid buying plugs to simply throw them away.

Ease of Use

While not a feature, paying attention to what users are saying about the plugs is important. For example, there are options with wings, and they require assembly. If they don’t come with good instructions, you could end up confused about how they should be put together.

Other reasons to consider how easy they are to use is if the material is very sticky. This can make it hard for you to take them out after a swim. For some people, investing in swimming plugs that have strings on them allows for you to easily take them out when you’re done, so you don’t have to go “digging” for them.

Another way to avoid this is to use plugs with some type of design that has a harder plastic built-in on the area that isn’t used in your ear. This way you can simply use this part of the plug to remove them. While it may not seem so important at first, think about trying to get a sticky plug out of your ear, and you’ll reconsider.


While at first thought you may wonder why it matters if they’re water-proof, it does if you want to keep water away from your inner ear and also keep your plugs lasting a long time. Waterproof plugs ensure that water doesn’t seep into where it’s not supposed to.

They also make it possible for you to use them for many months to come, without worrying about water damage. This is one reason why staying away from foam plugs is a good idea. Because you’re wearing them to ensure that your ear stays dry during your swim, always look for waterproof ones.


Some other things to pay attention to when shopping is what’s included in the package. Some manufacturers offer great deals on products. For example, you could buy a two-pair set that not only includes two pairs for a low price but also has a carry case thrown in.

As any swimmer knows, it can be a pain to spend money on good ear plugs only to use them in your swimming bag or forget where you put them. When you have a carry case, you can always put them away for safekeeping. It’s also ideal for when you use putty silicone plugs as they can sometimes get stuck to random particles, making them dirty. You don’t want dirt in your ear.

Another item to look for is nose clips. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, look for the option that provides a nose clip as well. Of course, if you’re concerned about getting the best kind, pay attention to reviews.

Some manufacturers will throw in a nose clip that was haphazardly made to increase sales, so be aware. Of course, it goes without saying, don’t just buy ear plugs that include extras without paying attention to their quality.


Are you ready to keep water out of your ears? Swimming can be great fun, but when it comes to water trapped in your ears, not so much. From competitive swimming to surfing, there are many instances where ear plugs are a must.

Whether you’re shopping as an athlete or as a mom, quality is always key. The options on our list are just a few of our favorite ear plugs. Our personal favorite are the speedo ergo ear plugs, as they are comfortable, fairly priced, top-quality, easy-to-adjust, and easy-to-use, which checks off the features we mostly look for when it comes to earplugs for swimming.

Do you have a favorite? We’d love to hear which ones you like best. If you’re a surfer or a competitive swimmer, or simply someone having fun, there are options on our list for you. Find out which one is going to serve you well by researching the features that matter most to you.  

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