Top Ten Best Indoor Bike Trainer Reviews: A Simple Way To Stay Fit On Rainy Days

As much as I’d love to say that I can find the motivation to running or cycling on cold wet or windy days, it’s just something that I never look forward to.

If you’re one of those who get excited about such challenges, then I have to say I hate you — just kidding!

It’s a great character trait to build, but for me, it’s just easier to hop on my treadmill. However, I don’t really have enough space at home for a treadmill and a free-standing exercise bike.

Rather than not be able to train my legs, a triathlon buddy of mine gave me the idea of using a bike trainer. So, it’s been 3 months now, and I’ve been able to test out a few of these.

Here are my results and recommendations.

Our Top 10 Best Indoor Bike Trainer Recommendations

#1 - CycleOps Fluid2 Indoor Trainer
Quiet And Durable
  • It’s made from durable materials
  • The precision-balanced flywheel makes it easy to customize your rides
  • It functions quietly
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Conquer Pro Indoor
Decently Priced With Good Quality
  • Rides reasonably quiet and smooth
  • It’s very portable and easy to store
  • It has a sturdy construction and provides the stability required for hard and fast training sessions
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Conquer Pro Indoor
Made From Top Quality Materials
  • It’s stable yet portable
  • It offers versatile use for a variety of bike sizes
  • It is made from strong steel
4.0 stars out of 5

1. CycleOps Fluid2 Indoor Trainer: Quiet And Durable

Quiet at only 64-68 decibels, this is the trainer that you’ll want to use in your home, even when everyone else is sleeping. Because of the patented fan and other mechanisms in the bike trainer, it will perform well for a long time to come.

Another great factor to the CycleOps is that it is made from recyclable materials and non-rusting ones, so it’s not only environmentally friendly but also very durable.

You can use it with a variety of training apps, such as Zwift [1]. This helps to ensure that you always get your cycling training in, no matter the weather.

The 2-inch round 16-gauge steel is strong and reliable, and because it includes a lifetime warranty, you can always get a replacement should it break down. The adjustable footpads ensure stability, on nearly any kind of surface you want to use. It can hold up to a lot of weight—around 300 pounds of both rider and bicycle.


  • It’s made from durable materials, so you can depend on it for a long time to come.
  • The precision-balanced flywheel makes it easy to customize your rides, which is always convenient.
  • It functions quietly, which is always helpful for those who live in shared spaces.
  • It easy to set up, so you can get started on it right away.
  • It rides as if you were on the road, which is a must for those who are competitive cyclists training at home.


  • You will need a mat and tire block to reduce vibrations and noise

2. Conquer Pro Indoor: Made From Top Quality Materials

Whether you’re training for a triathlon or a simple cycling competition, you want an option that can stand up to the pressure. The Conquer may be right for you. It’s made from hi-tensile steel and promises durability [2], which you will want from your trainer.

Because you will want to be able to go slow or fast when needed, you need an indoor bike trainer that allows you to shift speed easily. The Conquer does just that with the remote shifter.

With an extra-wide frame, you don’t have to doubt the stability of this option. A great feature of this baby is the fact that it is compatible with a variety of sizes. It can be used with a 26 in., 27 in. or 700c bike, so it offers versatility that isn’t always found in a bike trainer.

Something else that it offers that is quite unique is the front wheel riser block that comes included. This is a must-have for any trainer. It’s also easy to fold, so you can store it quickly and easily when needed.


  • It’s stable yet portable, making it a great option for those who like to store their trainer quickly.
  • It offers versatile use for a variety of bike sizes, making it a great choice for many.
  • It is made from strong steel, so you can rely on its durability for months to come.
  • It’s more affordable than most, so you won’t have to break the bank for an indoor trainer.
  • It includes the front wheel riser block, which is not always included in every option.


  • It doesn’t offer as much range of resistance like some other options, so this could be a negative factor for you.
  • The instructions aren’t the best on this option, so you’ll want to consider if this is an important factor for you.

3. Sportneer Steel Bicycle Exercise Magnetic Stand: Promises Great Balance

The wide base and the low stance go far in helping to keep you balanced as you ride. Because you want to be able to go fast without fear of slipping, you’ll appreciate the anti-slip rubber feet that can even work well on uneven ground.

With 6 different resistance settings [3], you can train the way you need to, thanks to a bar-mounted remote. This feature is highly beneficial for the athlete who is in it to win it.

This equipment also has an easy-bike release so that you can remove the bike at a moment’s notice. There will be no more struggling with freeing the bike just to get outdoors.

The noise-reduction resistance wheel is very attractive for the cyclist who shares a home with other people. Because of how silent it is, you can get up and train inside even before anyone else has woken up. You can still get the power you need without worrying about waking up “the dead.”

It promises great compatibility with a variety of bikes, including any road or mountain bike of 26-28 in. or with a 700c wheel.


  • It offers great features for a fair price, making it a great deal for many cyclists.
  • You can easily adjust resistance while training, thanks to the bar-mounted remote, making it ideal for serious cyclists.
  • Its unique design allows you to stay stable, no matter how hard or fast you pedal, which is always important.
  • It works quietly, no matter how much power you put into your ride, making it a great option for shared living spaces.
  • It can be folded for when you want to store the trainer or transport it somewhere else.


  • The instructions are not the best, so be aware of this if it matters to you.
  • It may be noisy with some types of tires, such as those on mountain bikes, so consider your bike design before purchase.

4. Kinetic Road Machine: Great For Use With Apps

When you want to train with your favorite app or software while indoors, you can trust this option with it’s in-Ride sensor. Pre-installed on the machine, you don’t have to worry about investing in anything else to be connected. It’s Zwift compatible and can measure power, speed, distance, and many other things.

With precision-calibrated fluid resistance [4], you can be sure that it will feel like if you were on the road. It’s great for training for competitions and races, thanks to the fact that you can connect it o almost any app out there, from Kinomap Trainer to Rouvy.

Built to last, the durable frame is made from strong materials like tig welded, powder-coated steel. You can see the durability in the frame and trust that it will provide you with the stability that you need for your performance level.


  • It offers the sturdiness required for a stable ride, so you can ride at your level and speed.
  • It’s highly useful to use with training apps, so if you are all about keeping track of your ride, this is the option for you.
  • It is easy to set up, which is always an attractive feature on any option.
  • The flywheel is quiet and won’t wake up your housemates if you like to train in the early morning hours.
  • It has great fluid resistance, so you feel like you’re training on the road.


  • It isn’t as affordable as some other options, so you may way to consider this.
  • The ANT+ connectivity may be faulty every now and then, which could put a damper on your training.

5. Sportneer Fluid Bike Trainer Stand: Durable For The High-Performance Athlete

If you’re looking to put in some good time training indoors this winter season, you need an option like this one. Made from heavy-duty stainless steel [5], you don’t have to worry about it breaking or rusting during your training season.

It has a high-quality resistance wheel that stays quiet while providing you with the right amount of resistance for a good training session. For those who fear “flying off the rails,” you don’t have to worry anymore with the Sportneer. It locks your bike in place so that you can stay sturdy and stable during your ride—no matter how much power you put in it.

The frame is extra wide, which goes far in aiding in stability. It’s really easy to set up, and you won’t have to use tools to do so. It can also be folded up for easy storage.

The Sportneer works with a variety of bikes, from  26-29 inches and 700c bikes. It isn’t the cheapest on the market, but for its quality and features, it’s offered at a great price.


  • It promises the stability that advanced athletes need for training fast and hard.
  • It offers great quality for a reasonable price, so you know that it’s a great deal.
  • It’s made with sturdy construction and durable materials, so you can depend on it for a while to come.
  • It includes the front tire riser, which is a great extra to have for training.
  • It is versatile and works with different sizes of bikes, making it ideal for many cyclists.


  • The instructions are not the easiest to understand, which could be a factor for you.
  • It’s not as silent as some other options, so consider this if you must have a quiet one.

6. CyclingDeal Premium Indoor Bicycle Bike Roller: Unique Feel And Design

For those who want to feel like they are really riding outdoors, this could be the option for you. Unlike the trainer, you get a feel of the motion of riding on the pavement, thanks to the roller design of this CyclingDeal product.

It takes some time to get used to it, but this factor actually aids in helping you to train for the real thing. You can adjust your bike on the roller and also adjust the screw supports for a more levelled ride.

It is a lightweight alternative to larger trainers that get in the way and can easily be stored in your garage when not in use. It is beneficial in helping you with your cadence and prepares cyclists for a smoother ride.

For those who want to use it for exercise or a good workout, rest assured that cycling on this roller will make you sweat.


  • It allows you to feel like you’re riding on the road, which is a plus for a lot of people.
  • It’s easy to store thanks to its lightweight design.
  • It is affordable, so it could be a good alternative to pricier trainers that do the same job.
  • It includes a carry bag for easy storage and transportation, so you can take it with you.
  • It is easy to adjust for various types of bikes, making it relatively versatile.


  • It takes a while to get used to and isn’t as stable as some other options.
  • It isn’t the best for beginner cyclists, due to the fact that it is a bit challenging to get used to.

7. Blackburn Tech Mag Race Trainer: Quiet And Dependable

You want magnetic resistance that is quiet and reliable, and the Blackburn promises you both. The wide range resistance curve offers 6 different settings, plus a bar-mounted remote so that you can easily train at your level and speed.

The box, tubular frame made from durable steel is as sturdy as you could want while also providing the option for you to adjust the height. Speaking of adjusting, you can also adjust the legs and feet to your preference, no matter the surface or ground you are using it on.

The cones allow for cavity-style dropouts, and the trainer also includes a mat, for when you want to make absolutely sure that the trainer will be stable and quiet. You can fold it up for storage when not in use. Priced fairly, it’s the ideal option for beginners and advanced riders alike.


  • It offers smooth resistance for a good training session, making it ideal for competitive cyclists.
  • It includes a floor mat, which is always a good extra to have for your training.
  • The trainer includes a bar-mounted remote so that you can adjust resistance easily when needed.
  • It offers great features and quality for a fair price.
  • It is portable and easy to store so that you can use it anywhere and everywhere.


  • It is a bit heavier than some other options, so consider this before purchase.
  • The riser block has high riser increments, which may matter to those who like to have more options for training.

8. Wahoo Fitness KICKR SNAP: High-End Option

If you’re looking for an option that promises quality and durability, this Wahoo Fitness trainer may be right for you. It has a wheel-on design that allows you to use your road bike or mountain bike on the indoor trainer, while still getting all the power you need.

The unique KICKR snap ensures that it stays firmly in place while the bike is secure and locked in. This is a very helpful feature that allows you to train without concern of slippage.

You can easily adjust your intensity on this option, so you can always get the power you want for training. It can be connected to the app of your choosing, so you can also easily track your progress. The ANT+ and BLE let you connect to any smartphone or GPS device.

If you’re looking for an option that lets you feel like you’re on the road and allows you to measure your progress realistically, this is the one for you. It’s designed for the serious athlete who wants a trainer they can rely on—just be aware that the price tag reflects this.


  • It promises stability and sturdy construction for powerful performance, making it ideal for the triathlete.
  • You can connect it to your favorite training app, so you can always keep track of your training needs and progress.
  • You can adjust the trainer for your specific intensity and speed, making it highly helpful in training sessions.
  • Made from high-strength carbon steel, it promises the durability you’re looking for.
  • It runs quietly, which is always a great feature on a piece of equipment you’ll be using in your home.


  • It’s pricier than a lot of other options, so you may want to consider this if shopping on a budget.
  • The price isn’t reflective of its quality, as there are other similar options that cost less.

9. Travel Trac Comp Fluid Bicycle Trainer: Decently Priced With Good Quality

What could you want from the indoor bike trainer you want to buy? There are several things to look for in a stationary trainer, but something you’ll discover is important is how smooth and efficient your ride can be while inside. You don’t have the smooth pavement to ride in so what you need is an external flywheel.  The Travel Trac has a great one that makes your pedaling smooth and easy.

The wide base allows for stability so you can ride as hard and as long as needed without worrying about slippage or damage to the trainer. While some trainers take a while to get set up and you have to use instructions for them, this stand requires no assembly.

While most options are quite large and must remain in one place in your home, the Travel Trac is portable and folds up, so you can take it with you when needed or store it easily. It’s also easy to adjust, so you can use almost any kind of bike with it.


  • It isn’t the quietest on the market, but it rides reasonably quiet and smooth so you can use it when needed.
  • It’s very portable and easy to store, making it a great option for travelers.
  • It has a sturdy construction and provides the stability required for hard and fast training sessions.
  • It’s reasonably priced and offers decent quality, so you can be sure you’re getting a good deal with this one.
  • It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require complicated assembly, making it an attractive option for many.


  • It may feel a bit jerky at the beginning and requires some time for you to warm it up, so to speak.
  • As sturdy as it is, it’s compact size may make it seem a bit unstable, which could be a factor for some people.

10. AccelaVelo Mag-X: Highly Portable

It doesn’t scream stability like some other options, but if you want an option that promises portability, the AccelaVelo Mag-X may be the right one for you. Easy-to-fold, you can take it with you wherever you go.

The fine-tuned flywheel allows you to get the balance you need for a smooth ride. With adjustable feet, you can use it on an uneven surface and not worry about it shifting or moving around while in use. The magnetic resistance unit helps you to train at different speeds and levels.

If you’re looking for an entry-level option, this equipment offers what you need to get started with home training. While it may not be the best option for more advanced cyclists, it’s a cheap and reliable choice for beginners.


  • It’s highly affordable, so it’s ideal for budget shoppers.
  • It has a great flywheel that allows for stability and balance during your training session.
  • It offers decent quality and reliability for beginners, so you can spend less to get started with training indoors.
  • The quick bike release is helpful and handy, so you can get outside when you’re ready without having to fuss with the equipment.
  • It’s portable and easy to fold, so you can easily transport it or store it.


  • It’s not as durable as some other options, so make sure to consider this before purchase.
  • It’s quite noisy, so you will want to consider this when buying it.

What Features You Need To Focus On

Now that you have a better understanding of the options that are available, what should you look for in your trainer? The following features are just a few of the important ones to pay attention to.


So, you’re looking for a trainer, and you want one that fits your bike right? The problem is that many options only allow for specific bikes, so sometimes it can be hard to find the one that will work for you.

Perhaps you want to use one for a couple of people in your household, with different bikes. It could be that your bike is a women’s bike and your spouse has a larger men’s bike. You’ll need to look for a versatile option that allows for various sizes that fall into your bikes at home.

Along with versatility, find an option that allows you to adjust as many specifics as needed so that you are always able to train according to your specific needs. 

Frame and Construction

The frame in your trainer is very important for both durability and reliability. Look for options that are made out of durable steel, as not only will they provide a sturdy base for your ride, but they will last longer.

Take a look at the construction of your frame. Does it look like it can stand up to pressure? Keep in mind that you want something that will allow you to pedal and ride as fast and hard as you need to for training. Wide base frames also promise a sturdier base for advanced cyclists, so pay attention to your personal riding needs.


There are different ways that your trainer can provide resistance. Some use fans, some use fluid silicon resistance, while others are rollers [6]. We personally like the magnetic resistance as it helps you to get a quiet yet good resistance for training. The only downside is that it’s not as fluid as the fluid trainers.

Fluid trainers allow for more adjustable resistance yet they are often a bit pricey. Rollers are pretty affordable but can be quite hard to get the hang of, especially for beginners. Finding the right resistance model and design is a matter of preference and riding style, so it’s important to pay attention to.


If you get annoyed with noise in training, you’re going to want to pay attention to how quiet the option you’re choosing is. This also matters if you happen to live with other people.

Can you imagine how annoying it would be to train every day and wake your roommates or family due to your helpful yet noisy trainer?

Noise can be distracting, especially when you’re trying to train your problem areas, so pay close attention to whether or not the option you want is silent.


While not always a must-have, it helps to have a relatively portable trainer. You can take it with you if you’re someone who travels all over with their bike and likes to train no matter the weather.

It’s also beneficial for homes that don’t have a lot of space. Perhaps you don’t want it to be an eyesore in your living room, but you want to use it every day. An easy-to-fold, portable option will be easy to store and set up when you need to use it, but won’t get in the way.

Training Recommendations

When the weather is bad, it can be hard to keep up with your favorite women’s workout or train for your cycling competitions or triathlons. There are several reasons why a trainer can be a great investment for you. The following are just some of the training recommendations we have for success with a trainer:

  • You can effectively train specific intervals on your indoor trainer. You can build up endurance easily when doing a hill workout, for example, which is why some people like to build up their stamina [7] on the trainer and then take their skill outdoors.
    For example, you could train intervals outside but with the terrain being fluid, from hills to flat spaces, using a trainer can help you to work problem spots, consistently.
  • You can be efficiently trained for time indoors. You never know what is going to happen outdoors. From rainfall to bad weather to unreliable terrain conditions, if you’re hoping to train farther in shorter spans of time, the trainer can be highly helpful for you.
    You can make sure that you never miss a training session and that you reach the timing you’re hoping for by always being able to do your training, each and every day.
    Whether you’re a triathlete hoping to improve before your big race or a person who loves to bike to exercise, training indoors is more helpful than you may have realized.
  • You can work on problem areas, such as posture and stroke. When training outdoors, you can get distracted easily and pause in your specific training area. With traffic, unexpected situations or circumstances, and forces of nature competing for your attention, you may forget things like posture.
    If you have problem areas in your cycling habits, such as the way that you sit or hold yourself or your pedal stroke, and it’s affecting your skill, a good idea is to train those areas on your trainer back home. This way, you are in a controlled environment that allows you to focus on specific areas.

We can’t think of any reason why a serious cyclist wouldn’t want to train with a trainer. Whether you want to improve problem areas or train on bad-weather days, an indoor bike trainer is the equipment that will make a difference for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do trainers damage your bike?

No, generally speaking, trainers won’t damage your bike and are very safe to use. The main thing you want to look out for is how they secure your bike in place to ensure that it doesn’t cause any scratches.

Can I put a mountain bike on a trainer?

Yes, you can put your mountain bike on a bike trainer, but you may also want to consider putting a slick tire on the rear. This will make your exercise a bit smoother and certainly create a lot less noise from the tire.

Are bike trainers good exercise?

Yes, bike trainers are good exercise and offer the same effects as a regular stationary exercise bike at the gym. With the right equipment, you can easily modify the intensity to levels that help you achieve your goals.

Do bike trainers wear out tires?

Yes, bike trainers can wear out tires, but it will be a lot less than you experience on the road. There will be a certain amount of friction, and you certainly want to keep an eye on it to ensure you don’t end up with complete slicks.

Can you change gears on a bike trainer?

Yes, you can change gears on a bike trainer, and even on relatively basic models, this will trigger more resistance. That way, you can quickly come up with different intensity levels through your routine to get your heart pumping at different levels.


Are you ready to improve your skill? Are you hoping to do better and go faster? All you need is a great indoor bike trainer, and these above options may be the ones for you to review. Whether you have a tribike or a mountain bike, you’re going to want to find an option that will allow you to train and become better, no matter what.

From options designed for the kinds of bike that require the use of a thick tire to the options that use a spinner or mimic the feel of the road, there is something for everyone on our list above. Which one do you think will work for you?  

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