Top Ten Best Deadlifting Shoes Reviews: For Olympic Athletes And Average Gym Fitness

Whether you head to the gym just for fitness purposes or you’re an amateur bodybuilder, there is certain gear you should always take advantage of. For most purposes, people just look for the shoes, shorts and t-shirts they find most attractive.

However, in certain areas you should be looking beyond the look.

Safety is an important feature and something you shouldn’t overlook when you do tend to lift some heavier weights.

And wearing the right deadlift shoes can make a big difference. It can help to give you the confidence to aim for heavier weights while keeping safe at the same time.

They are designed specifically for you to be able to get the most out of your exercise and protect your ankles and feet from strain and injury. And to help you find the right options we’ve spent many days researching shoes in all price categories

With the below list you will find something that suits every possible need, from aspiring Olympian to hobby bodybuilder.

Our Top 10 Best Deadlifting Shoes Recommendations

There are so many different options to choose from, so don’t consider this all that there is to find. What you will find on our top-ten list are options that offer exceptional quality for decent prices and a variety of choices for all kinds of performance levels.

#1 - Reebok Men's Crossfit Lifter 2.0
A Favorite For Crossfitters
  • They are an attractive pair of shoes
  • They have great solid heels
  • They are comfortable and supportive
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Nordic Lifting Powerlifting Shoes
Sturdy And Reliable
  • They have a raised heel that offers support for your lifting
  • They are priced fairly
  • The soles are strong and stable
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - adidas Men's Adipower Weightlift
Lightweight Yet Stable
  • They have a strong lacing and strap design
  • Lightweight design
  • They are made from durable materials
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Reebok Men's Crossfit Lifter 2.0: A Favorite For Crossfitters

If you enjoy Crossfit, you’ll have plenty of colors to choose from when you choose this Crossfit shoe. With a rubber sole, it provides the right amount of traction needed for your exercise and also promises durability.

The textured upper is just as strong as the sole and the lace up with hook and loop closures makes them reliable and safe to wear. With a POWERBAX midsole, it’s both comfortable and powerful for the perfect deadlifting experience.

Their aesthetics are better than many options, so if you’re concerned about your Crossfit style, these are definitely an attractive pick. One of the most attractive features on these shoes are the heels. They are solid and supportive, so that you can feel secure in your lifting. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will help you have the right form, consider these shoes.


  • They are an attractive pair of shoes, so you’ll be proud to wear them at the gym
  • They have great solid heels, so you can depend on them for your deadlifting
  • They are comfortable and supportive, so you won’t get tired while wearing them
  • They are made from durable materials, so you can wear them for a long time to come
  • They are ideal for switching between lifting and burpees, making them ideal for any Cross-fitter


  • They are quite pricey, so you may want to reconsider if you’re shopping on a budget
  • The sizing runs narrow and on the small side, so consider measurements before purchase

2. Nordic Lifting Powerlifting Shoes: Sturdy And Reliable

They may not be the most stylish, but they are certainly a strong pair of deadlifting shoes that you can depend on. The open forefoot and premium cotton mesh allows for plenty of breathability, while the reinforced stitching ensures durability. These features are important for any kind of weightlifter.

Because you need to wear secure shoes while you’re exercising, the sturdy Velcro strap will help them to provide you with the stability you need. The rigid anti-slip sole is extremely important for those who lift weights, so you can be sure that you’ll avoid any slippage.

With a raised heel, you’ll be able to stand correctly with this shoes. Because they aid in the force used for lifting, you may discover that they actually help you to lift more weight.

Available in black or light blue, you can choose the option that works best for your style. Whether you do squats, leg presses, or anything else that requires heavy weights, you want the best shoes in your corner. These offer sturdiness that isn’t found in just any shoe. If you want a decently priced pair that offers the stability you need, try these Nordic Lifting shoes.


  • They have a raised heel that offers support for your lifting, which makes them ideal for heavy exercises
  • They are priced fairly, so you don’t have to break your bank for a quality pair
  • The soles are strong and stable, so you can avoid slipping while working out
  • They offer a wide fit, which is a feature that can be difficult to find in many workout shoes
  • They do a good job at helping you to lift more, making them a reliable pair for lifting weights


  • The insoles tend to slip towards the back, which can be quite annoying when in use
  • They tend to have wear and tear quicker than other options, so consider this before purchase

3. adidas Men's Adipower Weightlift: Lightweight Yet Stable

Some men like to wear lighter shoes, so they can wear them for longer. Thanks to a heel overlay, these lightweight beauties will allow you to work out for as long as needed without feeling too heavy. Yet as light as they are, they don’t sacrifice the stability needed for weight lifting.

With a flat design, these shoes allow users to stand correctly while squatting and lifting. Their lacing and hook-and-loop instep strap also ensure that your feet stay secure throughout the entire workout and help you to avoid slipping. With a rubber sole that is hard and sturdy, you can rely on these when it comes to heavy lifting.

An attractive thing about these shoes is that they have a PU-coated leather upper which means durability and quality. The unique chassis has lightweight injected polymer, which makes them strong and long-lasting. With Vent Flow openings, you can be sure that they will breathable and comfortable to wear whenever and wherever.


  • They have a strong lacing and strap design, so your feet stay secure at all times
  • Their lightweight design makes them easy to wear without sacrificing sturdiness
  • They are made from durable materials, so you can trust in their quality for months to come
  • They provide you with the stability you need for lifting, which makes them great for Crossfit or time at the gym
  • They have an attractive design, so you’ll be proud to wear them at the gym


  • They run small, so be careful when choosing your size
  • They have a narrow design, so they aren’t the best for those with wide feet

4. adidas Performance Men's Powerlift.3: Highly-Attractive Design

These adidas have a smooth and attractive design that is available in a variety of color combinations. If you’re looking for a shoe that makes you look good, consider these beauties. Besides their appearance, they also offer some ideal features for your lifting time at the gym.

The removable insole makes it easy for you to get the optimal comfort needed for your workout, while the rubber sole ensures stability and durability. The sole is also anti-slip, so there is no room for slippage while weightlifting.

Because no one wants to feel like their feet are suffocating, you’ll appreciate the open forefoot design. It allows breathability and comfort, without sacrificing quality. The air mesh collar and tongue also aid in keeping your feet cool during your work out.

They have a midfoot strap securing your feet in place and a high-density, die-cut wedge midsole. This means that you can trust in the support and stability these shoes provide.


  • They look great, so you can feel proud of what you wear while striving to look good yourself
  • They offer great support and stability needed for your weightlifting routine, making them a dependable option for many
  • They have a highly breathable design, so you can stay cool throughout your workout
  • They have great rubber soles that will keep you safe from slipping
  • They help you to keep your feet close to the ground, providing you with a stable base for weightlifting


  • They have a narrow design, which could mean they don’t feel comfortable for those with wider feet
  • They aren’t true to size, so pay attention to measurements before buying

5. Inov-8 Men's Fastlift 325: Affordable Yet Effective

What would you say would be the most important part of your deadlift shoe? You want stability, right? The good news is that these Inov-8s are not only stable, they also provide the flexibility that makes them easy to wear.

With elevated, sturdy heels, these shoes help to provide you with the stable power you need for anything from squats to weight lifting. They have a unique herringbone outsole, with sticky rubber that helps you get a secure grip on the floor.

With a Met-Cradle lacing system, you can adjust them to the perfect fit. The strap allows for complete security in the midfoot, so you can trust them for heavy weight lifting. Because they are more flexible than other shoes, they allow you to easily transition throughout your workout, making them ideal for a variety of exercises. If you want an attractive, relatively affordable, and dependable shoe, these are a great choice.


  • They offer great stability, thanks to their Power-truss technology
  • The tight strap won’t let your foot slip, even when lifting the heaviest weight
  • They have an attractive design that you can be proud of
  • They are available at a fair price for their style and features
  • Their outsoles offer a great grip, so you don’t have to be afraid of slipping


  • Their sizing is a bit small, so you’ll want to double check measurements before purchasing
  • They tend to wear out quicker than some other options, so be careful

6. sabo Deadlift Shoes: Unique High-Top Design

Made from fabric and synthetic leather, they are designed to last for quite a while. With two lateral straps and lacing, you can adjust them to your size, and also ensure a secure fit for weight lifting. The ultra flat and hard sole allows for comfortable wear and stability during the most challenging routines.

The non-marking outsole is made from high-density material with a unique pattern that ensures good traction. Unlike other shoes or slippers, these shoes have side support, which keeps your foot entirely stable during weight lifting.

Their unique design was created specifically for deadlifting, making them ideal for any athlete who does deadlifting. Unlike other shoes, the sabo offer ankle support as well, so that you can depend on them to keep your entire foot safe for your weight lifting routine. With a strong, overall construction, you can depend on them for quality and support.

Overall these are the best high top weightlifting shoes providing maximum support to your ankles.


  • These shoes offer great grip, so you can rely on them for Crossfit or deadlifting
  • They have a strong outsole, so that won’t wear out quickly
  • They were specifically designed for deadlifting, so you can trust that they will work well for your weightlifting
  • They offer complete foot security with laces and double Velcro straps, so you can rely on them for safe use
  • They are made from durable materials, so you can rely on them for months to come


  • The sizing is a bit large, so be aware when purchasing your shoe
  • The Velcro strap isn’t as good quality as the rest of the shoe, which could affect your decision

7. Nike Romaleos II Power Lifting Shoes: Eye-Catching

If you’re all about standing out from the rest, these Nikes will certainly help you out. Available in a variety of bright colors and with a sturdy Nike design, they will make you look good. More than just an attractive design, these shoes also offer the stability you need for power lifting and weightlifting.

Do you want to be sure your feet will stay secure during your weight lifting? You’ll appreciate the lace-up construction and the hook-and-loop closures. The faux leather upper is attractive and durable, so you can rely on these for all kinds of weight lifting exercises. The outsole is strong while the power bridge helps to keep your feet stable during your workout.

For those who have wide feet, you’ll love that these Romaleos offer great width. Thanks to their unique design, they allow you to get a stronger drive for better lifting. If you want a strong shoe with a reinforced heel to help you do better in your work out, try these Romaleos.


  • They are sturdy and solid, so you can trust them to provide stability for your workout
  • They have a bold design that will allow you stand out and look good at the gym
  • They have a durable, strong outsole, which helps to keep you stable during your workout
  • They have great closures, so you can depend on them to keep your feet secure during the workout
  • They have ideal width, making them both sturdy and ideal for those with wide feet


  • They aren’t made from the most durable materials, so they may show wear and tear quickly
  • The strap is a bit long, so it tends to get annoying for some users

8. adidas Men's Adipower Weightlift Shoes: Attractive And Strong

These Adipower are designed to give you the power that you need for weight lifting. With a strong TPU midsole, you’ll be sure to get the support and strength you need for successful workouts.

Made from leather with a rubber sole, you can trust that shoes will last for a long time. Plus, they are highly attractive shoes that will make you look good while competing in Crossfit competitions. That’s always a good thing, right?

The heel overlay offers lightweight stability, which is very important when lifting weights. To add to the attractive features on this shoe, you’ll appreciate that it’s outsole is an anti-slip one. Available in three different colors, you’ll be able to choose the pair that best suits your style. With a flat design, you can trust that they were designed for those who want to have the best form possible while lifting weights.


  • They have a highly attractive design, which helps you to look good during your workout
  • They offer amazing quality that isn’t always found in this type of shoe, so you can depend on them for months to come
  • The anti-slip outsole is made from rubber and guarantees a great grip, so you can stay safe while lifting weights
  • The hook-and-loop instep strap helps to keep your foot secure during weightlifting, which is very important
  • They are available in a three different colors, so you can pick your favorite one that suits you best


  • The sizing runs small, so be careful when purchasing yours to make sure that you get the right measurements for you
  • They are pricier than some other options, so you’ll want to consider this if shopping on a budget

9. Reebok Men's Legacylifter: For The Serious Weight Lifters

They don’t look like much, but these Reeboks are ideal for the serious lifter. They offer a very secure fit, and you can even adjust the bottom area to ensure that your entire foot stays grounded.

For those who really don’t care about workout fashion, these could work for you. For those who want to stay stylish, both outside the gym and at the gym, these may not be the best ones for you.

They also a highly comfortable fit, so you can wear them for as long as needed while working out. They are constructed well and made from quality materials, so you can trust in their durability for a while to come.

These Reeboks work wonders for those who do weightlifting, but if you want to use them for Crossfit, you should look elsewhere. Because of their heavy feel, they make it difficult to do other activities.


  • They do a great job at helping to keep your feet flat and grounded
  • They offer ideal support throughout the shoe, so that you stay stable while lifting weights
  • They help to eliminate issues that some people have when weight lifting with the wrong shoes
  • They offer great quality for a fair price
  • They have a double strap and lacing, so you can always keep your feet secure and safe


  • They aren’t the most attractive pair on the market, which could affect the fashion-conscious shopper
  • They are heavier than other weight lifting shoes, which could be a negative for those who mix cardio with weight lifting

10. Otomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting: For Versatile Use

If you like to do weight lifting yet also enjoy combing it with other exercises, these shoes could be right for you. They are very lightweight, so that you can easily transition and move, but strong enough to work well for your weightlifting routine.

With extra ankle support, you don’t have to worry about injuring your ankles while lifting weights. Because you want to be grounded for those dead lifts, you’ll appreciate the thin outsole that keeps you flat. It’s grip is amazing so you can trust that you won’t slip while working out.

Designed for a number of uses like wrestling, MMA, and weightlifting, they’re the ideal go-to shoe for versatile athletes who need a stable yet lightweight shoe. Made of leather and synthetic materials, they hold up to plenty of use. Available in a variety of colors to choose from, you can easily pick the perfect color for your weightlifting outfit.


  • Their unique design makes them some of the most comfortable shoes around
  • They are highly versatile without sacrificing flexibility or stability, making them a great shoe for active weight lifters
  • They are lightweight, which helps to make them comfortable and easy to wear for a long time
  • They are made from quality materials and stand up to months of use
  • They offer top features for a fair price, making them a good deal for their quality and durability


  • The sticky outsole may not work for every type of activity, but this won’t matter for those who deadlift
  • They tend to get a bit warm due to their design, which could affect some people

What Features You Need To Focus On

Now that you have an idea of what is available, you may be curious as to which pair would be best for you. The following features are important to pay attention to when making a decision, so that you can get the perfect pair for your needs.

Whether your just a regular gym visitor or you’re looking for the best Olympic lifting shoes, the features to focus on are the same.

Straps and Lacing

Imagine trying to lift a heavy weight, but your feet are slipping around or your shoes are bending as you struggle with your deadlifts. More than many other sports or exercises, it’s important to wear shoes that promise security when lifting weights.

You need a shoe that feels secure around your foot, especially in the mid-foot area. This is why the best deadlift shoes have straps and laces to ensure that you can get the most secure fit possible.


You want an outsole that has good traction and grip. In fact, it should be one of the most features that you pay attention to when shopping for this type of shoe. There could be nothing more dangerous than lifting weights with a slippery shoe.

Some shoes offer an anti-slip outsole, which is definitely a good feature to have. This will help you to be sure that you’ll have the stability you need in

You also want one that is flat and close to the ground, to ensure the best stability possible as you work out. Also, the flatter the shoe, the more force you’ll have for lifting more weight. The closer you are to the ground, the easier it is to force through the ground, transferring power into your lift.


There are several different materials used in shoes. It’s always good when they are made from leather, but synthetic leather can also work. Pay attention to the quality of the materials used in your shoes, as you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pair that will fall apart quickly.

Something else to pay attention to is breathability. You want to stay cool while working out, but be careful. Some shoes have mesh to allow for breathability. Mesh is fine, as long as the overall construction is durable and stable. You want to avoid them ripping during a deadlifting session.


A little bit of heel is helpful for you to get the most from your squats and weight lifting. In fact, the right amount of heel can help to provide you with the power that you need to lift more than you have before.

Just be careful, as some manufacturers go overboard, making the heel much too thick. Depending on your style, a flat shoe could work perfectly fine as well. In fact, you don’t want the overall shoe to be elevated, as it limits stability. Most advanced bodybuilders will suggest some heel when it comes to those who want to dead lift.


The above features are all a part of ensuring that you have a stable shoe. You want to be sure that the shoe you buy is going to offer you optimal support. From the lacing and straps to the strength of the materials and the heel, every component needs to ensure stability.

To go a step further, you may want to consider shoes that offer side support as well. Accidents can happen when your foot slips to the side or your feet don’t stay in place as you’re lifting.

Avoid Injuries With The Right Footwear

As with many intense sports and exercises, the gear you wear plays an important part in keeping you safe. To help you avoid major or minor accidents while weight lifting and more specifically dead lifting, you need to choose the right shoes.

Using the wrong kind of shoes while lifting can mean that you don’t have the stability required for that lift. If you’re trying to build up weight as you go, you may find that you require more of an effort than before.

If you go to put more effort into that lift, using your whole body with the force to the ground to bring it up, you could slip if you’re shoes don’t have good traction. Imagine slipping or even simply bending your foot the wrong way while lifting a very heavy dumbbell. It would be anything but pleasant.

Running shoes and especially ones with memory foam are a big no-no for those who dead lift. You definitely won’t have the stability you need due to the thick soles and you’ll discover that the memory foam does nothing for your lifting.

You should wear them for safety and to help provide more power for your weight lifting, but this type of shoes will also make you look more put together at the gym. You don’t want to look like a newbie with the other weight lifters, even if you are.


Now that you have a good idea of what to look for in this type of shoe, you can make a choice on our top ten list. From stylish options to shoes that offer the best support imaginable, there is something that will work well for you.

As long as you can trust in their support and a secure fit for you, then choose the ones that you like best for your routine. Choosing the right pair can help you to avoid accidents and lift more than ever before.

From affordable shoes that offer good quality to eye-catching designs that will make you look good, you’re ready to make a choice from some of our favorite shoes on the market. Which ones do you like best? Stay safe and lift those weights!

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