Top Ten Best Compression Shirts Reviews: Find Comfort And Increase Performance And Recovery Times

You’ve probably seen a lot of athletes, especially professional ones wearing very tight fitting shorts and shirts. These are mainly worn under regular sports clothing.

Most people think this is just a way to add a layer for extra warmth in the colder times of the year. But these types of compression clothing do so much more.

As the name suggests, they are very tight fitting and when you wear them the first time, it can take some getting used to. The effect essentially compresses skin, fat and muscle tissue which has several benefits.

Performance athletes like them because it promotes blood circulation during training. And for recovery times, that increased circulation will also speed up the muscle repair and fatigue.

Even if you are not a professional or high performance athlete, you can greatly benefit from these types of clothing. They are great to promote faster slimming and if you wear them during and after running or trips to the gym, then you’ll notice that muscle ache disappears a lot quicker.

To help you find the most suitable options we’ve researched and tested a load of products. These include tank tops for men and women, as well as undershirt options that will keep you warm and dry in winter months.

I’ve been using them for years now and could not imagine ever not training without them. Once you’ve tried some out yourself, I’m convinced you’ll feel the same way.


Our Top 10 Best Compression Shirts Recommendations

The following options are the best choices for those who want quality at a fair price. Our reviews and top recommendations will give you an idea on what to look for, how to look for it, and why this type of active wear may benefit you.

#1 - Under Armour Men’s HeatGear
Variety In Colors
  • It has great compression
  • The moisture wicking material does wonders for keeping you dry, so that you don’t end up full of sweat
  • It allows for easy mobility, without sacrificing the compression benefits
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Tesla Mens Cool Dry Compression Baselayer
Attractive And Affordable
  • The moisture-wicking material is very effective
  • The shirt is thicker than some other options
  • It is designed to protect you from the sun
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - WANAYOU Women’s Compression Shirt
Lightweight And Breathable
  • It fits well and doesn’t ride up
  • The three pack is available in different colors
  • The material is soft and elastic enough to keep you comfortable during your exercise
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Under Armour Men’s HeatGear: Variety In Colors

The great thing about this option is that you’ll have the choice of colors you could ever want in active wear. From blues to greys, yellows and greens, there is something for every preference. Of course, you didn’t come here for the colors.

This Under Armour product is made from polyester and elastane and with HeatGear technology, it offers the type of UA compression that you’re looking for. Made to be worn comfortably, you don’t have to worry about discomfort with this option. With stretch-mesh underarm panels, you can rely on the breathability during warm months. The UPF 30+ is also a great feature that keeps your skin protected.

Some compression gear is restricting but this Under Armour shirt has a 4-way stretch construction that makes it easy for you to maintain mobility, so you can wear it for any activity. It is also moisture-wicking, so you don’t have to be concerned about sweat during your run or game.


  • It has great compression, which is what you want when searching for a compression shirt
  • The moisture wicking material does wonders for keeping you dry, so that you don’t end up full of sweat
  • It allows for easy mobility, without sacrificing the compression benefits
  • It’s available in several different colors, offering more variety than many other similar options
  • It’s designed with great ventilation, so you can stay cool, even in warmer climates


  • The sizing runs small, so consider ordering a size larger
  • It tends to ride up, which can be quite annoying for some people

2. Tesla Mens Cool Dry Compression Baselayer: Attractive And Affordable

This Tesla shirt not only looks amazing, it feels amazing, and is priced just right. Designed to be used for any type of weather, you can use this shirt all year long. With the ability to release heat and moisture-wicking material, you don’t have to worry about getting too sweaty with this beauty.

Made from polyester and Spandex, this compression shirt has great elasticity, so that you can easily move and transition in it. The non-abrasion material is durable and comfortable to wear, so your skin won’t get irritated.

The two-way circulation and quick-time dry features are unique and do a lot to keep this shirt feeling fresh for hours on end. It also protects your skin with UPF 50+ properties, so you won’t have to worry about being out in the sun for too long.


  • The moisture-wicking material is very effective, so you can be sure that you’ll stay dry
  • The shirt is thicker than some other options, so you can trust that it won’t be transparent
  • It is designed to protect you from the sun, which is a big deal if you hope to use it outdoors
  • It offers quality and top features for an affordable price, making it a great deal
  • It has an attractive design that will help you look good when working out


  • Its length is longer than most, which could be a negative factor for some
  • The sizing runs small, so take this into consideration before ordering

3. WANAYOU Women’s Compression Shirt: Lightweight And Breathable

While this shirt may be long sleeve, it’s still highly breathable and comfortable to wear. It’s made from polyester and spandex, and because it’s moisture-wicking, you don’t have to worry about sweat ruining your look.

With a straight hem and pull on closure, it’s easy to keep this one fitting well. You don’t have to worry about it rising up during your activities. Whether you run or hike, play sports or even just like to be outdoors, it’s a convenient shirt to wear.

Because comfort is important, you’ll appreciate how soft the material is. It’s soft and lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about it irritating your skin or feeling too heavy and thick for an outdoor run. Best of all, this three pack is priced fairly, which allows you to get a great deal. Owning three of your favorite ones ensures that you can alternate between them to stay fresh at all times.


  • It fits well and doesn’t ride up, so you can focus on your game and not pulling your shirt up
  • The three pack is available in different colors, so you can have the variety that you prefer
  • The material is soft and elastic enough to keep you comfortable during your exercise
  • The pack is offered at a great price, making it one of the most affordable options around
  • They last through many washes, so you don’t have to worry about buying new ones anytime soon


  • The sizing is small, so consider this before purchasing them
  • The length is somewhat short, which could be a factor for those who have longer torsos

4. Tesla Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt Baselayer: Ideal For All Seasons

This long-sleeve shirt can be worn throughout the year. With a two-way air circulation, you get the breathability needed to wear it during the warmer months. The moisture-wicking benefits also allow you to keep sweat away. It releases heat while also keeping you cool. Because you want to stay protected from the sun at all times, you’ll appreciate the fact that this shirt protects you from UV rays.

With an extreme compression fit, this shirt is for people who are serious about compression wear benefits. If you like a regular fit, you can always order a size up for more relaxed wear. A great thing about this shirt is that it promises quality, but at a very affordable price. While the shirt is thick, it’s still breathable enough that you won’t get too hot when using it outdoors. It’s also long enough, so that you don’t have to worry about it riding up during your exercise.


  • It has great compression, which is important for those who are looking for dependable compression wear
  • It’s breathable enough to wear during the warmer months, so you don’t have to worry about it being too hot
  • It has sun protection, so you can depend on it in the outdoors
  • It’s priced affordably, so you don’t have to put a hole in your pocket for a good compression shirt
  • It is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect one for you


  • The sizing runs very small, so be aware before purchasing your regular size
  • The length of the shirt is good for staying in place, but may be too long for some people

5. Esteem Apparel Original: Ideal For “Keeping Everything In Place”

There are many reasons to wear compression wear, and one of them is to keep everything in place. If you’re someone who is working towards weight loss, but you don’t want to “let it all hang out” on your way there, this option is ideal.

With a specific chest compression feature, you can depend on this shirt, if you happen to have gynecomastia. Another unique feature on this option is that it has shoulder mesh material, so that you can easily remove it. Other compression shirts can be a struggle to put on and take off, but not this Esteem Apparel product.

It is lightweight and slim, so you can wear it under other clothing if needed. Its breathable material ensures that you stay cool, even during athletic activity. Made from nylon and spandex, it has the ideal amount of elasticity to allow for movement.


  • It’s great for men who may have gynecomastia, thanks to the chest compression feature
  • It’s lightweight and breathable, so you don’t get too warm when wearing this shirt
  • Its thin design allows you to easily wear it under other shirts, without it being too noticeable
  • It doesn’t change shape, even after washing or months of use
  • It’s much easier to put on than other compression shirts, thanks to the shoulder material


  • It tends to ride up around the waist area, which can certainly be irritating for many
  • It’s not as stylish as some other similar options, so you may only want to wear it under your clothing

6. Lavento Women’s Compression Shirts: Ideal For The Active Athlete

If you’re someone who is dedicated to their workouts, you need something that can keep up with you. This is where Lavento may come in handy. The three pack is available in various colors, so you can always have the variety you need. Because you get three different shirts, you can alternate throughout your week.

Not only that, but these shirts are designed to be odor resistant, so you can stay fresh-smelling at all times. They are also moisture-wicking, which means you can stay dry throughout your workout—no matter how much you sweat. The 4-way stretch fabric allows you to move freely without sacrificing compression benefits.

The material is soft and made from polyester and spandex, which helps it to stay comfortable throughout your workout.


  • The pack includes three shirts, so you can depend on them throughout the week
  • They are moisture wicking, so you can stay dry, even if you sweat a lot
  • The material is soft and comfortable, making them easy to wear for hours on end
  • You get plenty of variety in colors to choose from, making them an attractive option for fashion-conscious individuals
  • They are odor-resistant, which is always helpful in keeping you feeling fresh


  • They tend to wear out with washing, which isn’t what you want in your active wear
  • They don’t have as much compression as some other options, which could be a con for many people

7. Neleus Men’s 3 Pack Athletic Compression: Ideal For Under Garment Wear

These tank tops are designed with your comfort in mind. If you’re looking for one that is form-fitting, this may be the best option for you. With a tight-fitting design, it’s the ideal compression shirt for those who want to hold things in place and get compression benefits.

Made from polyester and spandex, it does the job it’s meant to. With flat lock seams, there is no need for you to be concerned about chafing. It has a great moisture transport system that will keep you dry, even if you run in warm weather.

With variety in colors, you can choose the three-pack that has the ones that you like. It’s a great option for those who always like to use compression shirts for their workouts, as you can stay fresh with three options of the same style.


  • The three pack has a variety of colors, so you can easily alternate and stay fresh
  • The pack is priced fairly, so you get a great deal when you choose this option
  • They are breathable and comfortable, so you can wear them in any kind of weather
  • They are easy to put on and take off, so you don’t have to struggle with wearing them
  • They’ll keep you dry and sweat-free during summer months, which is always ideal


  • The compression is not the best, which could be a factor for some users
  • The length is shorter than some would prefer, which could make them ride up easily

8. Under Armour Men’s Tactical HeatGear: Very Soft Material

Some compression gear is much too rough for comfort. Fortunately, this Under Armour gear is designed with extremely soft fabric, so you can stay comfortable throughout your workouts. Because it is a lightweight shirt, it can be worn under your other active wear when needed.

It’s 4-way stretch fabric ensures that you can still move as needed in your favorite sport. The advanced moisture transport system will keep you free of sweat puddles, so you can confidently exercise, alone or with friends.

If what you’re looking for is a product that offers great compression, this ultra-tight fit is ideal for you. This one is available in a few different solid colors, offering variety for those who like to have options. With anti-microbial technology, this shirt doesn’t get stinky easily.


  • It provides great compression yet it is easy to move around, which is highly important
  • It is thin and lightweight, so you can easily wear it under other clothes if needed
  • The material is breathable and helps you to stay cool, which is beneficial for outdoor wear
  • It stays dry, even in warmer weather
  • It has an attractive design, so you can wear it alone if you so desire


  • The length is a bit long, which is bothersome to some people
  • It is extremely flammable, so you’ll need to exercise caution when wearing it

9. DRSKIN Compression Cool Dry: Great For Using All Year Long

Made from primarily polyester material and some spandex, this shirt allows for comfort and lightweight wear. It can be used throughout the year, whether you’re exercising in the summer or winter.

With excellent elasticity, this one offers the compression benefits you’re looking for while allowing a broad range of motion. With moisture-sensing, Quick-time dry benefits, you can be sure you won’t be dripping sweat when you wear this shirt. It also has a two-way air circulation feature, so you can stay cool in the summer and retain heat in the winter. Available in a variety of designs and colors, you can choose the one that is perfect for you and your needs.


  • The stretchy material allows you to easily put it on and take it off
  • It is soft to wear, so your skin doesn’t get irritated by wearing it
  • It does a great job at keeping you cool during the summer and warm in the winter, thanks to its two-way air circulation
  • It will keep you dry and sweat-free, even when exercising outdoors in warm weather
  • It is priced affordably yet offers fair quality, making it a great purchase


  • It is a bit too thin for some people’s preferences, so be aware before buying
  • The sizing runs small, so consider ordering larger sizes according to your measurements

10. Copper Compression Short Sleeve: Stays In Place

This one is designed to help you with recovery, due to the fact that the material is made up of copper nylon. With an attractive design, this shirt can be worn alone or under your clothes. It provides great compression benefits but it also allows you to move as needed during your workout or preferred sport.

The material won’t irritate your skin and is soft enough to be worn all day long. Many of these types of shirts tend to lose their color after washing. But, this option stays looking new, even after multiple washes.

Offering a tight-fit, this option is ideal for those who want to be sure that they are getting the best compression fit possible. You can always order up a size, if you want to have a more relaxed fit.


  • It keeps you dry, so you don’t have to worry about ending your workout dripped in sweat
  • It doesn’t ride up, due to the ideal length and design
  • It works well in helping to relieve muscle pain, making it a favorite for those recovering from injuries
  • It’s stylish and looks good, so you can wear it without a top shirt at the gym or outdoors
  • It offers great compression, making it a favorite for those hoping for recovery benefits


  • It is challenging to take off and put on due to the tight fit, so it could be time-consuming for you in this regard
  • Its sizing runs small and it is a tight fit, so be aware of this before purchase

What Features You Need To Focus On

Now that you have a better idea of what is available on the market, do you know which one you like best? Before you make a decision, it’s important to know what features to look for to ensure that you find the best fit for you. The following features are important to consider before you buy your favorite compression shirt.

Quick-Dry/Moisture Wicking

You will sweat when exercising; especially when you go all out in your exercise. With that being said, no one likes to have sweat showing up all over their body. To avoid this, you may want to search for those products that promise moisture-wicking.

While most manufacturers will claim that the shirt is moisture-wicking, look further. You want to be sure that when it comes time to wear it on a warm day, you won’t be drenched in sweat. This is also important for when you want to wear the shirt under your normal clothes. If it doesn’t actually keep you dry, it kind of defeats the purpose.


Some are designed so long that they make you look awkward wearing them. You feel like you have to tuck them in, which doesn’t look great for active wear or you feel like you’re wearing a dress.

On the other hand, some are too short and ride up your belly, forcing you to tug them down throughout your workout. This is not only embarrassing, it’s also annoying. Take your time to be sure that you’ve found the shirt that is the perfect length: not too long and not too short is ideal.


Along with moisture-wicking features, you want to be sure that you stay fresh when wearing it. Have you ever gone on a run with any shirt you can find, only to discover that you’re heating up afterwards?

Stay cool in warm months by making sure that your choice promises breathability. Because of its tight fit, you can end becoming very hot if it isn’t designed with breathability in mind. Look for mesh panels or materials that are designed to breathe. Two-way circulation is always good news when looking for this type of product.


When it comes to this type of gear, it can be challenging to know which size is best for you. First of all, you need to determine which type of fit you want. Do you need a tight compression fit for recovery and muscle pain relief? Look for a tight fit but pay attention to reviews. If sizing runs small or large, you may want to consider ordering a size that you wouldn’t normally.

You want to make sure that you get the fit that will feel comfortable to you and will be easy for you to wear.

Material Thickness

Some people like to wear lightweight shirts. They are easy to wear and easy to hide under other garments. They usually feel more breathable, as well. Yet some of these designs are much too transparent.

If you’re somewhat concerned about your body or simply don’t want everything showing through, this could be an issue. It also depends on what you want to use it for. If you are buying them to wear under your clothing, then transparency doesn’t matter. If you hope to wear it alone for an outdoor activity, it’s an important thing to consider.

Of course, if the material is too thick, it can be a bit too warm to wear in certain climates and may be very obvious when worn with a shirt on top.


Benefits Of Wearing Compression Shirts

You have your options of shirts to wear, but do you understand why you may want to wear them? The following benefits may have you racing out the door (or simply clicking a button online) to buy your favorite choice:

  • They are generally moisture-wicking. If you’re someone who runs in the warm months or even simply plays your favorite sport outdoors, you want to be sure that you don’t end up soaking wet. This type of shirt can do wonders for keeping you dry.
  • Compression shirts are purported to aid in your recovery time. This means that if you work out with weights or run, etc., you benefit from using these shirts, as your muscles will repair themselves more quickly than they would otherwise.
  • If you happen to have muscle pain or soreness, compression shirts have been known to help relieve it. If you already have muscle injuries, you may discover that they can help to relieve pain and keep you playing your favorite sport or performing your preferred activity.
  • Compression clothing is designed to help aid in blood flow and helps to provide oxygenation to your muscles. This is why compression pants or socks are worn on long flights. This means that it can help you during your activities and keep you feeling good, especially if you have circulation issues.
  • They are meant to lessen muscle vibration, which in turn helps there to be less muscle trauma. This is especially beneficial for athletes who may play high-impact sports.
  • Do you have issues with “man boobs” or would like to keep “things in place?” Compression shirts do a great job at hiding issues that you may not want to show to the world. They can keep you looking good while exercising or even in your regular clothing. If you’ve been holding back from enjoying activities that you love, out of embarrassment, the right shirt can change this and get you back out there enjoying life again.

There are many reasons why people want to wear this type of clothing. The above benefits are just a few of the ways that compression gear can benefit people. If you’re on the fence about wearing compression gear, why not give it a try to see if it makes a difference?

While there are many rumors about what they can and cannot do, compression shirts certainly help athletes feel more comfortable during their workout. Comfort is always important when exercising or playing sports, don’t you think?


Are you ready to see what compression gear is all about? Do you want to wear this type of product to aid you in muscle-recovery time? Whatever reason you may have for wearing compression gear, these shirts are great options to start off with.

From long-sleeve designs to thin, lightweight materials, there is something for every type of person on our list of top ten recommendations. Have you found an option that will work for you? You’re bound to find the perfect fit for your compression gear needs.

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