Top Ten Best Baseball Glove Reviews: From Beginner Youths To Professional Options

Whether you’re playing with your kids or actually play in a league, baseball is certainly a fun sport. It’s one that requires skill and practice, but once you know how to play it well, there’s nothing like hitting that ball and making a home run.

Whether you are up at bat or are the pitcher, you need some good baseball gear that you can depend on. Even for practicing at home, a good baseball glove is a must. The best baseball gloves can help you to play better, so it’s important to take your time looking for the right for what you use it for.

Whether you need left handed baseball gloves or right handed baseball gloves, there are a huge selection of baseball pitching gloves on the market. You can find one that suits your budget, playing style, and preferences.

There are expensive ones that would suit a professional or you can go for a cheap option to play around with at home. The below list contains options for left and right handed players and all types of fielding positions.

We cover youth options and the latest professional men’s products for the more advanced players.

Our Top 10 Best Baseball Glove Recommendations

There are so many different types of baseball mitts and while our list certainly has some of the best budget-friendly options that offer quality, there are many more brands and styles that you may want to check out as well. The following 10 options are some of our favorites. Maybe you’ll find the perfect one for you on our top ten list. Take a look.

#1 - Wilson A2000: The Pro Solution
Wilson A2000: Durable And Strong
  • It’s made from great materials.
  • It has a soft and comfortable feel.
  • It has excellent stitching.
4.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Rawlings Renegade Glove Series: Ideal For Kids
Ideal For Kids
  • Fair quality for a reasonable price.
  • It has an attractive design that looks good.
  • Helps you to stay comfortable while playing.
5.0 stars out of 5
#3 - Mizuno GPP1150Y1: Quality Leather Option
Ideal For Beginners
  • It’s easy for young kids to use.
  • It’s made from quality material.
  • It’s easy to break in.
4.5 stars out of 5

Table of Contents

1. Wilson A2000: The Pro Solution

If you’re tired of mitts made from synthetic materials that quickly fall apart, you’ll appreciate that the Wilson is made from pro stock leather. With dual welting, the pocket is durable and will help you to be able to hold onto the ball when you catch it.

With Dri-Lex wrist lining, you don’t have to worry about your hand getting dripping wet with sweat during summer months. You will also have the option of choosing a glove for a right hand throw or one for a left hand throw.

Designed to be broken in quickly, you won’t have to worry about spending forever trying to get it ready for your games. It has the unique and quality craftmanship found in many Wilson products, so you can rely on its durability.

If you’re looking for a quality choice that will last through many games, this could be the option for you. It’s designed for adults, so you don’t have to worry about it being too small if you’re looking for baseball pitching gloves for you.


  • It’s made from great materials that help to make it one of the most durable options around
  • It isn’t too challenging to break in, so you can start using it somewhat quickly
  • It has excellent stitching and a top design, so it won’t unravel easily
  • It has the traditional look that many know and love, so if you’re a baseball fanatic, you’ll love it
  • It has a soft and comfortable feel, so it is easy to use throughout the game


  • It’s a bit expensive, so it may not be the best one for everyone’s budget
  • It doesn’t arrive already broken in, so requires a bit of patience in comparison to newer styles

2. Rawlings Renegade Glove Series: Ideal For Kids

This mitt may not be for a professional league game, but it will certainly work well for your games with friends. Because it’s shell is all-leather, you can rest assured that this glove will maintain its shape throughout months of using it.

The well-formed pocket allows for a better hold of the ball, so you can avoid it slipping out of your grasp. It has a double-bar web with a conventional back, which is usually used for 1st basemen.

Some people don’t like the feel of  one that hasn’t been broken in and that’s why you may appreciate that it’s already 80% broken in when you buy it. It’s black color and red details give it a classy look and also keep it looking clean for much longer than other styles.

Of course, no glove would be complete without a cushioned palm, so that’s why the high-density palm and index finger pads on this glove are ideal. Because of sizing, this glove works best for most kids, and adults with smaller hands.


  • It offers fair quality for a reasonable price, so you don’t have to spend too much for a good glove
  • It has an attractive design that looks good, so if you like using quality-looking gear, you’ll appreciate this one
  • It has padding that helps you to stay comfortable while playing and keeps you safe from impact
  • It has a durable all-leather shell that you can rely on, so you don’t have to worry about it losing shape
  • It has a nice pocket that helps to make it easy to hold the ball, so you will have less mess-ups during a game


  • While it does arrive broken in, it’s still a bit too stiff for some people’s preferences
  • It’s too small for adults with regular-large hands, so it may not be the best for you if you have big hands

3. Mizuno GPP1150Y1: Quality Leather Option

This traditional-looking Mizuno may be what you’re looking for if you’re a baseball purist. With a patented PowerClose feature, you can catch more easily than with other gloves. This feature also helps to make it ideal for young/new players.

The power lock closure allows you to adjust the glove to the best fit for you. For those who are tired of focusing on keeping the mitt on, this is an excellent feature. It’s especially beneficial for kids.

With Heel Flex technology, this glove allows for more flexibility for your game. It doesn’t take that much time to break in, so you can start using it quickly.  If you have a kid who wants to start practicing baseball, this youth glove is one that will help them to learn how to catch in no time.

The glove is available in designs for those with a right hand throw and those with a left hand throw, so anyone can use this option.


  • It’s easy for young kids to use, so is ideal for youth players
  • The power lock helps the glove to stay on throughout the game
  • It’s made from quality material, so you can trust it’s durability
  • It’s easy to break in, so your little one can start playing with it right away
  • It closes easily, so your child can learn how to catch quickly


  • It’s a small fit, so you will want to consider measurements before purchase
  • It isn’t made from real leather, which may be a negative for some people’s preferences

4. Louisville Slugger 11.5-Inch FG Genesis: Decent Price And Quality

The Louisville isn’t the fanciest, but it certainly provides users with what they are looking for. The Buffalo palm and mesh shell back allows for both durable use yet plenty of breathability in the summer.

It’s designed for young players, so if you’re looking for an option for you, you’ll need to look elsewhere. If you want the perfect glove for your little one, this one arrives ready to use, which is always a good idea for little beginners.

Because of it’s unique pocket design, the Louisville Slugger helps to make it easy for your child to catch. This is important when it comes to kids’ gloves as it helps them to be able to build confidence in the game.

It feels soft to wear and allows for an easy process of breaking in. As a quality mitt that doesn’t cost much, the Louisville Slugger is an ideal purchase.


  • It’s flexible and soft, so little ones won’t have a difficult time using it
  • It’s easy to break in, so you don’t have to stress about waiting to use it
  • It’s available at a fair price, so you don’t have to break the bank for a good glove
  • The pocket is deep, making it easy for kids to catch the ball
  • It is durable and won’t tear apart quickly, so you can rely on it for the season


  • It’s too small for adults to use, making it ideal for children, but not grownups
  • It isn’t fancy-looking, which may matter to some players

5. Wilson A200 Series: Eye-Catching Design

If you like to stand out from the rest, you certainly will with this Wilson A200 glove. Designed for all positions, it’s a great option for beginners and advanced players alike. While it does arrive somewhat stiff and takes time to break in, once you do, it is easy to catch with.

Made from synthetic materials, this glove may not be the ultimate leather option that you’ve been looking for, but this also means that it’s a more affordable choice. It’s ideal for children who are just starting out and for whom you want an easy-to-use glove.

Although it’s offered at a cheap price, the quality isn’t bad. You can trust that the stitching won’t come apart easily and it should last the entire little league season.

It’s not designed for adults or those with larger hands, but if you’re looking for a good option for your younger children, this is one of the best cheap baseball gloves around. Be aware that this glove is for those with a right hand throw, so you’ll want to consider this before purchase.


  • This glove can be used for any position, from the infield to the outfield
  • It has an attractive, bold design that many kids like
  • It’s easy to use, making it perfect for little beginners
  • It is inexpensive, so you won’t go out of budget to purchase it
  • It offers fair quality, so you can rely on it for at least a season


  • It’s quite small, so be careful when purchasing for your child
  • It is not as easy to use for catching as some other options are

6. Franklin Sports Teeball Recreational Series: Unique Fielding Glove

If you want to be seen and enjoy your individuality, this one will most certainly suit you. With a variety of colors not often seen on a baseball glove, you can be sure to stand out from a crowd.

This Franklin glove is lightweight and comfortable to hold, so if you’re looking for one for your child, this could be a good option. It has a soft feel to it, so it won’t irritate your hand during the game. The mesh shell construction ensures breathability and comfort while on the field.

It is available for both right hand throwers and left hand throwers. You may also be pleased to find that it includes a baseball, so if you’re buying one for practice, you won’t need to look for a baseball.

It’s also extremely affordable, so if you’re shopping on a budget but want a good glove, this Franklin option is ideal.


  • It is a well-made glove for beginners, so it is ideal for children learning to play
  • It is easy to hold and comfortable to wear, so it won’t irritate your child during practice
  • It has fun colors that most kids love, making it a fun option for your little one
  • It is more flexible than other options, which makes it easy for beginners to use
  • It is highly affordable, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much on a new mitt


  • The laces tend to rip easily, so you may not want to depend on it for more than a season
  • The ball isn’t the best quality, so you may want to find another one for your practice

7. Louisville Slugger 12-Inch FG Genesis: Dependable And Breathable

It isn’t always easy to find a glove that allows for sturdy use, but also has breathable materials so you don’t end up dripping with sweat. This option could be what you’re looking for.

With a Buffalo palm, you can be sure that it can stand up to many catches and many games. The mesh shell means that you’ll feel enough air to stay cool on a hot summer day. This glove is best for infielders and has a nice deep pocket that makes it easy to catch the ball.

It is easy to break in and while it isn’t the cheapest, it is reasonably priced for the top quality it provides. It provides good flexibility, so that it is easy for beginners to get used to catching.


  • It is made from quality materials, so you can depend on it for many games
  • It is easy to break in, so you can start playing with it right away
  • It offers good quality use at a fair price, making it a great find
  • It has a breathable design, so you can use it during warm months
  • It’s soft and comfortable to use, so you won’t be easily irritated during games


  • It’s a bit too small for larger hands, so you’ll want to check out measurements before purchase
  • It isn’t strong enough for advanced players, so you’ll want to consider this if you’re on your way to becoming a pro

8. Mizuno Prospect Leather: Attractive And Dependable

If you’re looking for a nice glove for you, look no further. The Mizuno Prospect Leather is the beauty you’ve been wanting. It has a nice, durable full grain leather shell, so you know it will last for your next baseball season.

The PowerClose technology feature helps make it easy to catch the ball, plus the Parashock palm pad helps to absorb impact so you don’t hurt yourself. With a soft palm lining, it’s a comfortable glove that won’t irritate you. The craftsmanship on this is spectacular, so you can be sure that it won’t fall apart anytime soon.

The heel flex technology is also a feature that you’ll appreciate and you’ll be glad to know that it’s available for both right hand throwers and left hand throwers. This glove also allows for flexibility, so it’s easier for you to catch the ball. If you’re looking for a mitt that makes it easy to catch while also protecting your hand, this could be the one for you or your youngster.


  • It’s made from quality materials, so you can depend on it throughout the season
  • It’s a good-looking game, so that you can feel proud to wear it
  • Has protective features, so you won’t hurt your hand during the game
  • It is designed to be easy to catch with, so it is ideal for beginners
  • It can be used in softball or baseball, making it a versatile option


  • Lacing tends to give out a bit quicker than some other options, which could cause issues for the season
  • It’s a bit smaller than you’d expect, so pay close attention to measurements before purchase

9. Black Nike Diamond Elite Edge: Professional Looking

If you want one that looks like it belongs on the hands of the best baseball players around, look no further. The Black Nike Diamond Elite Edge is made for players who know their stuff. It requires little break in, so you can simply practice your favorite break-in routine for a couple of days and then get started using it.

The adjustable Velcro wrist strap ensures that you can get the perfect fit and the basket web makes it easy for you to catch the ball. A conventional open back allows for comfort and breathability and the handcrafted pattern is both attractive and dependable.

Made from cowhide leather that is soft-tumbled, it’s both durable and beautiful. This professional design may not be the best for beginners, but if you’ve been playing for years, it could be the right pick for you. It’s not the cheapest, but if you’re looking for something that will last for the infield position, consider this option.


  • It arrives almost ready to use, so you can do a bit of breaking in and get playing
  • It has a professional-looking appearance, so you can feel confident during your games
  • It is designed for high performance, so it is one of the best options for advanced players
  • It is made from durable materials, so you can trust that it will last for a long time
  • It allows for breathability and comfort with a great open-back design


  • It is pricier than many other options, so you may want to consider your budget before purchasing
  • It isn’t easy to use for beginners, so you’ll want to consider this if you’re new at the game

10. DeMarini Diablo: Ideal For Pitching

If you’re a pitcher and you want a decent glove, the DeMarini Diablo could work for you. If anything, it has a very unique design that will add a touch of individuality to your pitching style. Of course, you want to know if it’s going to do what it is meant to.

Made from ECCO leather, it is a strong and durable option that won’t break easily. It has a Dri-Lex technology for a breathable wrist and the back finger lining helps to keep your skin moisture-free. You can be sure to say goodbye to sweaty palms with this beauty.

Because it has a special Sorthobane shock absorbing palm, you can rest assured that you’ll stay comfortable throughout the game with the DeMarini Diablo. It’s a high-performance glove, so if you’re looking for a dependable option for your advanced style, this could be it. It isn’t the cheapest option on the market, but it’s also not the most expensive.


  • It is broken in and ready to use upon arrival, which is always a nice feature
  • It is designed for more advanced players, so if you consider yourself a pro, consider this glove
  • It has a shock absorbing palm, so you can keep your hands protected
  • It is comfortable to wear and breathable, so you can depend on it for use throughout the year
  • It has an attractive design, so you can look good while it feels good


  • It is a very large glove, so if you have small hands, you may want to consider another option
  • The laces tend to come undone easily, so consider this factor before purchase

Different Gloves For Different Positions

Before you rush out to buy the first glove you see, consider the position that you’ll be playing. While some are designed for any position, others are specifically made for certain types of use. Just because that American brand glove looks beautiful, perhaps a Bradley one would be better for your position on the team.

For example, a catcher’s mitt won’t work for a pitcher or an infielder, but an infielder glove may work for a pitcher. The thing about pitchers is that they need to be able to hide how they have the ball positioned in their hand before their throw. They want to catch the batter off-guard and the right kind of glove will help them be able to do that.

Outfielders’ mitts are often longer than infielder gloves due to the necessity to catch fly balls and balls that require them to jump for the perfect catch. An outfielder’s mitt is usually only preferred by outfielders due to its length, but you may see other positions using one every now and then.

Different options for different positions means a different kind of basket, so you’ll want to learn all about the variations, if you’re going to take your baseball game seriously. While some players don’t mind using one for every game, if you hope to become a more advanced player one day, you’ll want to consider investing for a specific glove for each position that you’ll be playing.

What Features You Need To Focus On

As you consider the above options, you’ll want to consider the features that you need before you make the purchase. The following features are a few important ones that could make a difference in your game.


Who are you buying it for? Sizing is everything as a glove that is too big or too small could make it very difficult for you to use. If you’re shopping for your little one who is learning, you don’t want to buy a glove that is too big—especially as they are forming habits that will last for life.

The thing about sizing is that sometimes it is incorrect. A product that says it’s around 11.5 may often arrive and feel like 10. So, you need to look closer and find measurements or simply read reviews about the glove that you’re interested in.

Right Hand or Left Hand

If it says that it’s for a right hand thrower, it will be used on your left hand and visa-versa. It may seem straightforward, but it can be easy to mess up and order the wrong glove.

If you throw with your right hand, order a glove that will fit on your left hand, so you can always be sure to throw with your strong hand. It makes a lot of sense, but it’s easy to order without paying attention to this feature.


Because of the impact of ball to glove, you need one that is made from durable materials. Leather is usually a winner when it comes to durability, but there are some materials that are designed to last.

Pay attention to the durability of the materials on the glove that you want, but also the breathability. It can be quite uncomfortable to be playing in the summer and realize that your hand is dripping sweat. No one wants that discomfort during a heated match, so make sure to look for one that either has an open-back design, mesh materials, or some type of lining that is moisture-wicking.


If you’re shopping for a beginner, you’ll want to consider a glove with a deep pocket or one that aids with closure. This will help you to be able to more easily catch the ball. Some parents like to buy mitts that will help their little one catch the ball while others want them to learn how to do it on their own, without this type of feature.

Either way, a deep pocket is always helpful, so if you want one that makes it easier for you, look for the quality and depth of the pocket.


Of course, as mentioned above, you want to make sure that you are getting the right one for your position. Yet if you are shopping for your child, you don’t want to buy a glove that will be too difficult for them to handle.

Consider position and experience before purchasing a glove for beginners or one for more advanced players. It will make a difference, so choose wisely. You may also want to consider whether it’s designed for mens sizes and style  or for women, depending on who will be using it.


Baseball is a fun sport, whether you play it recreationally or with friends. Are you ready to invest in a glove that will help you to enjoy a fun-filled summer? Whether you are shopping for your child who is joining little league baseball or you are shopping for yourself, the above options are great for you to choose from.

There is something for every style of player on our list of top ten baseball gloves. Which one do you think will work best for you, your style, position, and budget? If your child is ready to take on the big, beautiful world of baseball, do you know which one is going to make them a star?

From cheap options to pricier gloves, you have a broad array to choose from. There are some that are offered at a discount, while others are best for softball. Let us know which one you like best!

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