Top Ten Best Baseball Cleats Reviews: Kids And Mens Options With All Types Of Spikes

Finding comfortable baseball cleats is like finding that perfect fitting glove. You just know when you feel it and get to start playing a bit. But with cleats you have a few more things to consider to make sure you don’t get a poor performing product.

Obviously, traction is very important. But are you willing to sacrifice comfort and ankle support? And what about cushioning and breathability?

Getting all these combined in the best possible way is difficult to find. While most professional cleats will accomplish this, they are usually attached to some pretty high prices.

But you can find some excellent products at reasonable prices, that are suitable for both pros and amateurs. On this page, you’ll find a list of the best baseball cleats currently available.

As a little league coach from a baseball fanatic family I have spent years talking to people about their cleats. I’ve tried more than I can count. And spend a lot of time helping parents find ideal solutions for kids of all ages.

I’ve tried to put all that information into this page, by recommending shoes that cover all budgets and will give you everything you could possibly want.

#1 - Nike Lunar Trout 2
For MLB Pro Designed Footwear
  • 9 different color designs
  • Mash material for great ventilation
  • Excellent support and cushioning
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Mizuno Men's Heist IQ
Professional Option From A Trusted Brand
  • Great traction & long lasting
  • Great flexibility & acceleration
  • Very comfortable cushioning
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - adidas Performance Men's Wheelhouse 4
Great Value For Money
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Cool camo sole design
  • Very reasonably priced
4.5 stars out of 5

1. Nike Lunar Trout 2: For MLB Pro Designed Footwear

No matter what level you play baseball at you want a shoe that you can rely on and that will give you all the traction you need. For those out there with some money to spend and the desire for ones designed for pros, these Mike Trout cleats are simply going to be unbeatable.

Legendary MLB star Mike Trout was involved in the design and development to help produce a product fit for the most intense pressure. If it’s good enough for a pro player, then they sure as hell will be good enough for everyone else.

The upper part of the shoe is made with extremely breathable mesh material. That means that there is constant ventilation that reduces sweating and keeps your feet cool. Add to that a foam midsole and you will get an exceptionally comfortable support and cushioning.

There are a total of 9 metal cleats in each sole. The arrangement is certainly not random guesswork. But rather the result of extensive testing to see what layout gives the best balance between traction and flexibility.

The result is amazing!

You’ll immediately notice excellent grip at full speed and when changing direction.

The main downside is that due to the high ankle support design the weight is a bit heavier than other comparable cleats by Nike. Just something to keep in mind.


  • Available in 9 different color designs
  • Upper shoes made with mash material for great ventilation
  • Foam mid sole provides excellent support and cushioning
  • Designed with help of legendary MLB player Mike Trout
  • 9 metal cleats give you exceptional traction and durability


  • 15 ounce weight is a bit high
  • You pay for the branding

2. Mizuno Men’s Heist IQ: Professional Option From A Trusted Brand

  • Designed with 7 metal cleats for great traction and long lasting
  • Cleats are also designed to allow for faster change in direction
  • Sole is designed for great flexibility and maximum acceleration
  • Midsole material provides very comfortable cushioning
  • Available in 3 cool color designs


  • Feels very strange when walking on harder surfaces
  • Sizing is on the small side

3. adidas Performance Men’s Wheelhouse 4: Great Value For Money

Another top sporting brand with an excellent baseball cleats option is Adidas. This performance option is in the mid-price range and a very durable option for amateurs. If you just play for hobby and fun, or like to practice with your kids, then this is a really good value for money option.

The mesh in the upper material will give you great ventilation that keeps your feet cool even on warm days. And the entire shoe is made with synthetic materials that are so much easier to keep clean. Let’s face it, whether you play on grass, turf or clay, they will get dirty very quickly.

The 11 rubber cleats built into the sole are very durable and hardwearing. Their placement also provides you with great traction for fast acceleration and change in direction. The camouflage design also is a really nice stand out feature.

You will also notice a defined toe overlay that provides extra support and protection. This is in just the right spot for maximum effect and will also reduce wear and tear.

The main downside is that the fitting can feel a little tight at first. It might take you a little while to wear them in and get used to this.


  • Very breathable mesh material keeps your feet cool
  • Cool camo sole design
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Fully synthetic material for minimum maintenance
  • Toe overlay provides added support and protection


  • Can initially feel a bit tight
  • Limited color choice

4. Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Low RM: One Of The Most Comfortable Soles

This company has been a huge hit in every single sport they have entered. Whether it’s their clothing range or now baseball footwear, you will get an excellent product that is well thought out and made.

The fully synthetic leather means that it’s pretty much maintenance free. You can very easily clean them after use and even tough mud will come off easily with some soap and water.

For added ventilation, there is a breathable mesh tongue. As this is an area where heat can build up easily it will make for a much more comfortable experience. And it will hugely reduce the amount of sweating.

The midsole uses advanced cushioning, which is specifically designed to protect your feet from constant heavy impact. Whether that’s high speeds or sudden stopping, your feet will thank you for that added comfort.

11 rubber cleats are positioned to give you maximum traction and work excellently on grass and clay. You will immediately notice that there is just so much grip. However, they are not the best option for turf surfaces where grip is a bit lower.

The flexibility in the sole is also designed to make it exceptionally comfortable and promote a more natural foot movement. This helps to improve your ability to get up to speed faster and with more ease.


  • Synthetic leather material is soft, flexible and easy to maintain
  • Great breathability with mesh tongue
  • Excellent cushioning with advanced midsole
  • 11 rubber cleats give you excellent traction on most types of surface
  • Very comfortable sole with great flexibility


  • Sizing runs a bit small
  • Not best suited for turf

5. New Balance Men’s Cleat Baseball Shoe: Cheap But Excellent Performance

If you have a limited budget then these cheap baseball cleats by NB are going to be an excellent choice. Don’t be fooled by the low price. These are still a very comfortable option that are ideal for a bit of hobby baseball playing.

With 8 metal cleats, you will have excellent traction on all types of surfaces. Yes, it’s not as good as having 11 spikes, but at this price you simply cannot complain about that. For a bit of amateur fun this is going to be more than enough.

What’s really good about all New Balance shoes is that they do a huge amount of research into the best possible cushioning. By using test data from players, they have been able to place maximum cushioning in the right places. And with the extremely light weight you’ll barely even notice them. They certainly won’t hinder your game play.

You also get a really good choice for color designs. That makes it so much easier to match up with your team colors, and not end up with a total color clash. Worse yet, wearing the opposing team’s colors.

The main downside with these is that there is no ankle support. If you have a weak ankle or previous injury, then you might need to go for a high top option.


  • Excellent choice of color designs
  • 8 metal cleats provide great traction on all surfaces
  • Extensive research data has resulted in ideal cushioning
  • Very light weight so you barely feel them
  • Excellent Price for low budgets


  • No ankle support
  • Fitting can feel a bit tight

6. adidas Performance Change Up MD 2 K: Perfect Choice For Kids

For kids and pre teenagers it’s usually best to not just go for a small size of an adult design. What works for adults often doesn’t translate well for kids. That’s why we have added these youth baseball cleats by Adidas.

They have been specifically designed for kids up to 12 years old. That has helped create a shoe that fits very well and provides maximum comfort for young feet. No matter what age your kids are, their gear will always come home dirty. With the soft synthetic material, you’ll be able to just wipe them clean. And there is no maintenance.

To help protect and support the feet of children the materials and sole have been chosen very carefully. As a parent or coach that gives you the peace of mind that they won’t hurt their feet.

With most kids playing on grass and clay, the rubber cleats will provide great grip to help avoid slipping and getting hurt. And because they are not metal there is less chance of accidental injuries.

Unfortunately, there are no color options available except for black. There is a color card insert, but it doesn’t actually change much.


  • Specifically designed for children
  • Synthetic leather makes it very easy to keep clean
  • Soft material protects and supports feet
  • Great choice for baseball or softball and even T-ball
  • Excellent choice for grass or clay


  • No color options available
  • Sizes run a bit big

7. New Balance Men’s 3000v3 Baseball Cleats: For Maximum Traction

These New Balance baseball cleats are a great choice if you really want to maximize grip in all types of conditions. With a total of 14 rubber studs you have every possible angle covered. From the first time, you wear them you’ll notice the difference this makes.

The support you get is excellent and this will make a big difference on those long training days or late innings. Your feet will not feel as tired as with many other options out there.

With a lot of mesh on the upper material and tongue, you will also keep your feet nice and cool. This reduces sweating and makes it a much more comfortable experience. Add to that the excellent cushion effect of the midsole and you really get an extremely comfortable shoe.

These factors have led to the 3000 series being voted the most comfortable for many years in a row.

The only real negative is that the low cut doesn’t give you much ankle support. If you have suffered from injuries then you might need to go for a higher top.


  • 14 rubber cleats in total for maximum traction
  • Great support for the entire foot
  • Very breathable design means your feet stay cool
  • By any standard, this range has long been voted the most comfortable
  • Midsole provides exceptional support and comfort


  • Low cut design doesn’t provide ankle support
  • Fit is a little tight

8. Mizuno Men’s 9 Spike: Great Value For Excellent Comfort

If you want a simpler and more affordable option then you can never go wrong with Mizuno. In all sports, they are a leading maker of footwear. And this 9-spike model is just excellent. Made of rubber, the spikes are very hard wearing and suitable for all types of ground. You won’t be sorry for all the extra grip.

The entire shoe is made with synthetic materials, which makes it so much easier to maintain. Washing and keeping it clean is easy, even with a lot of dirt involved. Despite the synthetic material, you won’t feel like they are too hot. That’s because of a lot of breathable mesh that keeps your feet cool.

The fit is very snug but not tight. And there is excellent support for your feet. You will feel a very soft bounce because of the midsole and that means you won’t get sore feet even on a long training day.

There is also a lot of padding around the tongue and collar. These are areas where you can quickly get some pressure points. And pressure points always mean soreness or even blisters. Not something you ever want to experience in the middle of an important game.

The only downsides are that there are limited color options and the sizing runs a bit small. You should definitely go at least a half size up to make sure they fit perfectly.


  • 9 rubber spike design provides great grip in all conditions
  • Synthetic material is easier to maintain and is longer wearing
  • Very comfortable and snug fit supports the whole foot
  • Midsole runs the full length to give a lot of cushioning
  • Collar and tongue padding reduces pressure points


  • Sizing runs a little small
  • Limited color options

9. Under Armour Men’s UA Ignite: High Ankle Support For Pretection

This Under Armor option is a super choice if you have had any types of ankle injury. Once you have suffered one this will be a weak spot. And you want to make sure you avoid that at all cost. The higher ankle support with this shoe is very well designed and will feel very comforting.

With a full mesh tongue, you will also make sure that you get the maximum amount of cooling. And you get in an area where it is most effective. Add to that a really well designed midsole and you have the full package:

Protected ankles, cooling effect and a soft bounce to avoid strain and fatigue.

This option only includes 6 metal cleats, but these are very well arranged. You will get very good traction, but for some players that might not be enough. If you are a sprinter and are able to change direction very fast then you might need to go for a different model.

There are also plenty of colors to choose from so that you can match it up with the rest of your gear or team uniform. On the downside, you might notice that they are a little heavier than others due to the extra weight from the ankle support.


  • Great ankle support to prevent injury
  • Full mesh tongue gives maximum ventilation
  • 6 metal cleats give you good traction
  • Great shock absorption with midsole cushions
  • Lots of colors to choose from to match your team outfit


  • Limited number of cleats
  • Extra ankle support comes with a little extra weight

10. New Balance TPU Baseball Shoe: Reasonable Price But Not The Best Performer

Finally, we want to show you an option that is not really the most ideal. Surprising, this NB one does not live up to the rest of the company’s reputation. We’ll start with the positive though.

There are a total of 13 rubber cleats which do provide very good traction. You won’t have to worry about the ground conditions at all, and can trust you’ll have the grip needed. The midsole is also very well made as you’d expect from New Balance. This gives additional support and cushion effect.

With a high design, you will get some ankle support, but this is where it lets down a little. There are a lot better options for ankle support and you could get a false sense of security.

You can also encounter some pressure on the heel as the fit and design is a bit on the small and tight side.

It’s just not quite as comfortable as you’d expect. Especially if you end up spending a lot of time wearing them through long and late innings.


  • 13 rubber cleats give great grip in all conditions
  • Very good midsole for shock absorbing
  • High design gives some ankle protection


  • Quite a narrow fit makes it a little uncomfortable
  • Some pressure felt at heel
  • Not as much ankle support as it looks

What Features You Should Focus On

Whether you’re looking for suitable shoes for boys or you just need the latest mens pro MLB options, there are certain things you really want to focus on. However, the problem is that different companies often use different marketing language to describe the same things.

So, how are you meant to make a comparison?

The answer to this lies in coming up with a few important focus terms and then matching them between different products. That way you use one set of feature names that help you to compare like with like. The result is a much better understanding of what you’ll actually be getting.

To help with this process we’ve put together these tips.

Number Of Cleats

Over the years this has changed a lot. In the early days, you were lucky to see a handful of spikes. And they were almost like nails. Then it went through phases where it went drastically up and back down again. All based around the opinion and preference of the times.

Today you will find anything from 6 to 15 spikes on each shoe. You can’t say that 13 will always be better than 9, as the material and design need to be taken into account as well. But all else being equal, you will get a lot more grip and traction with a larger number.

These also need to be arranged and spaced in an optimum way. You really don’t want them feeling strange or causing pressure points. So always take a look at the pictures of the soles to see if they are evenly spaced. Where you never want to see them is directly under the ball and heal of your foot.

This would create pressure points where a lot of your body weight is resting.

Cleat Materials

You’ll generally find metal and rubber as the most common materials. The rubber ones are made of the same material as the outer sole and are basically molded as one piece. The advantage of this is that there is no joining that can be a weak point. Under lots of extreme pressure the forces are spread through the sole, which reduces the chance of damage.

Rubber is also a little bit more comfortable on the feet, especially on very hard ground off the pitch. You wouldn’t be wearing them much here, but it’s worth noting.

Stainless steel is probably the most common alternative material you’ll find. On more expensive professional shoes, you can even find aluminum which has the benefit of never rusting or corroding, and being extremely light weight.

Metal cleats have the advantage of being a lot thinner which means they gain more grip on particularly dry and hard ground. Imagine mid-summer after a dry spell playing on clay or grass. Even with some regular sprinkling the ground will be rock hard.

This is where rubber cleats can often struggle. At the same time though, you need to be sure that you’re allowed to use metal spikes at your local ground. Some places have restrictions all year round, while others just at certain times. The reason is mainly that the metal ones do damage the ground a lot more.

Cleat Design

You might think that this doesn’t make much of a difference. And for many years you wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference form one shoe to another. However, in recent years, companies have been doing some research and development to see if some valuable changes could be made.

One such product is the above Mizuno Heist IQ. The metal spikes are very unique in shape. With rounded edges and a notch cut out in the middle they almost look like a small fork. The result of this is improved traction even on the hardest grounds, as the shape is better able to get a hold of tougher ground materials.

For pros, this is going to be a serious decision factor. And if you’re a particularly competitive amateur, then this will certainly not reduce your performance. The good news is that such options are available at a reasonable price. So why not test them out?


In baseball, you’re often going to end up standing around a lot. You’ll be constantly on your feet and switching between full speed sprints and waiting for the next ball. This makes it quite difficult to design a shoe that is comfortable in all levels of action. And it has to help you perform at your best.

One thing that will become very uncomfortable is if your feet get too warm. This increases the level of sweating and that can increase the chance of friction and blistering. Always make sure that you check out the materials for breathable mesh. This should be all around the upper part of the shoe. And also check out the tongue.

In colder conditions, you can always put on some extra socks. But, if you’re overheating and sweating in summer because of poor ventilation, then you could be in trouble. Fortunately, all the above options have excellent ventilation.

Ankle Support

Baseball is not one of the highest risk sports for ankle and foot injuries. But because you often have to change direction at high speed or come to a sudden stop it does put a lot of strain on your feet.

This can lead to sprains, torn ligaments and even broken ankles. All very painful experiences. And if it’s happened once, your ankle will be somewhat weakened. The best thing is to always try and prevent these things from happening.

So, if you’re concerned about such injuries, or have a weak ankle, then make sure you buy one of the products above with higher sides. You don’t have to go all the way to a heavier high top shoe. Just make sure there is some bit of support.

Suitable Ground

Baseball is mainly played on grass, clay and turf. Now, the condition of the ground can vary a lot. This depends on how well it is maintained and the overall weather conditions. In very dry and hot summers, you’ll find the pitch is going to be very dry and hard.

At the same time, you can encounter soft and even muddy conditions after a wet spring with heavy rainfall. In extreme circumstances, you can encounter these types of conditions throughout the year. And it’s pretty much impossible to find shoes that will work in both.

That might mean investing in a pair of rubber and metal cleats so that you always have the best option available. Also make sure you check with the club what types are allowed. There are many places where there are restrictions. You could get caught out by not being allowed metal spikes.

Metal Cleat Restrictions

There are two types of restrictions when it comes to metal cleats. The first is on a league basis. Most youth and softball leagues do not allow metal ones at all. One of the main concerns is that there is a risk for injury with them. And to be honest, even for very competitive youth leagues, the rubber ones will be more than enough.

Then you will also find certain clubs will not allow metal on their pitches. This is mainly down to avoiding excessive damage. These restrictions can be in place all year round, or just at certain times. For example, if there has been lot of rain early in the year, then you’ll find that grass pitches will get very soft.

While metal cleats are ideal for maximizing traction, they will tear up the soft round. And that can cause a lot of damage and work for maintenance. Funding for a lot of such work is often not in place, which is why the restrictions are placed.

If you’re in doubt what you can use, or you don’t want to invest in 2 pairs of shoes with metal and rubber types, then it’s best to go for rubber. These are always allowed and for most players will work perfectly fine.


At this stage, you have all the information you need to make a decision on a new pair of cleats. You have some excellent choices above that cover all possible budgets. Whether you prefer metal or rubber, there are great products available to suit your needs.

You’ll also now fully understand how to best compare the products. Of course, we’ve done all the hard work of researching the features and benefits, so that you don’t have to go endlessly searching online. Any one of the above models will give you a great experience with a good boost to performance as well.

Check out the links to Amazon and get your pair delivered straight to your home. And make sure you enjoy the Big Show.

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