About Us

Hi, and welcome to StriveChallenge.com. My name is Dave Spalding and I am one of the team of sports nuts involved in this website. In total, there are 5 of us who have overlapping interests in various different sports. My own background is as a high school teacher and basketball coach.

Then there is Sandra Ryan who is by far the best performing runner and triathlete in this group. She is also a former champion martial artist, so in many ways she is able to kick all our butts.

Michael Smith is a former college football player whose career was cut short due to an injury he suffered in his senior year. He shifted his career and now works as physio therapist specializing in sports injuries. And he coaches junior football teams for fun.

John is the guy that knows everything there is about baseball. Ask him about any MLB statistics and he’ll have an answer for you. He coaches softball at the local little league which is where all of us first met.

Finally, there is Kate who has probably tried out every sport there is. She works as a fitness coach in a gym and specializes helping tennis players with highly targeted fitness strength training.

Our aim here is to bring honest reviews of sporting products that athletes of all levels will be able to use for much more informed decisions. There are too many poor products out there and so many people end up buying stuff that just doesn’t work.

We also have an active blog where we bring you tons of information about anything sports related. You can also sign up to our mailing list and keep up to date with the latest updates.

We hope you enjoy this site and would love to hear from you.